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Friday, November 13, 2009

What to do with terrorists

Where do we begin?

We want to be the country, which exemplifies freedom and peace and truth and honor and strength and bravery and sacrifice, but here we are allowing these scumbag terrorists to be brought back to the city, which they attacked, for some kind of soft-shoe courtroom drama. What is justice?

In this case, death is justice.

I want the people who perpetrated that act, dead. It’s simple. I wanted them dead the day those buildings came down, the week after it, the month after it and I still want it. I wager there's a large majority of the population who feel the same. Why they are still drawing breath, is a question, which cannot be answered. I can’t fathom it. It makes as much sense as the Fort Hood terrorist surviving the attack he planned and executed - and that one is a no-brainer. Justice it would seem, should wear the Reaper's robes in all these cases.

Would this not make some greater sense in the scheme of things, if there simply weren’t any possibility of giving these morons a platform to verbally assault the families and individuals who lost so much on September 11?

But we are going to release some of these people around the world. We’re going to give them a venue to expound on their warped ideals and employ yet more lawyers to investigate and publicize our intelligence community’s tactics and methods. Does anyone else see this as a national security issue?

I would suggest that the only reason to bring these folks to New York, is to put them on the end of a rope in a public place and give the families who lost loved ones on 9 / 11 the control of the lever to execute them or not. Who better to decide their fate?

On the other hand, if the pilots and the other folks accompanying the terrorists on their way back to New York, simply put the plane on auto-pilot and leaped out the side I wouldn’t mind. I could see them parachuting to a safe pick-up by the U.S. Navy as the plane carrying the terrorists continued to cruise on auto-pilot into the center of the ocean - running out of fuel, and dropping the terrorists into an un-marked, un-remarked, watery grave.

Let Davy Jones sort ‘em out.

Yes, I know what you're saying right now - "Yeah, but Jolly, that's a waste of a perfectly good aircraft." This is one expenditure I would never question. Use the plane. Hell, everyone else is. Use Al Gore's plane! He doesn't need it! He wants to save the planet! We can cut down the emissions from his jet - and all the Co2 emissions from the terrorists breathing - all at the same time! He won't mind, either! He'll just buy another one, thus creating a few jobs in the aircraft industry. It will feed the fish, make a nice habitat for coral and barnacles to attach themselves to, and since it will be totally out of fuel, there won't even be an oil slick!

And, if we decide to just find a nice remote section of desert for their final resting place - then make it anonymous. It is still a shovel-ready project, after all.

But none of that will be the case. We’ll give these creatures all the benefits of our legal system. I wonder if we’ll have an OJ moment where a glove is trotted out as evidence and the scumbag slips it on to show that it doesn’t fit?

It’s like a Cinderella kind of thing – the glass slipper and all that.

Oh, can’t you just see what a great idea this is? Instead of these animals disappearing into history, we give them a last chance to get their warped view of Islam out to all their buddies, one last time.

Yeah great.

Good thinking.

1 comment:

  1. Hang em high as our Sarah would say.

    Eric Holder is a RAT for doing this.

    Not only was Holder responsible for the Mark Rich pardon under Clinton.
    He was also responsible for the pardon of the Boricua popular Army an organization catagorised by the FBI as a terrorist organization.

    Holder is the RAT of the day.



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