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Friday, November 20, 2009

A list of broken things

Tomorrow the Senate votes on whether to bring their version of Health Care reform to the floor for consideration and discussion.

If you believe they’re just going to pass this one too, raise your hand.

Yep. It sucks doesn’t it? Because all five of my readers out there just had to stop themselves from raising their hands. I’m afraid that’s as bad as it has got. Even those of us, who believe the world can’t possibly get any stupider out there, are left sitting here believing that “yes,” it really can get there. It's "dumb" or "dumber" in Congress these days.

Just goes to show you that even the best of these folks - allegedly elected by the people, are actually either being bought off by special interests and administration promises, or are just trotting along with the rest of the Congressional cattle. Where are the cow-abducting UFOs when you need them?

Someone call Black Helicopter headquarters and get the UFOs on the job.

In any case, I suspect C-Span will see unprecedented ratings tomorrow, and that once again we will all be trying to make sense of it all. Of course, there really is no sense anymore. We could try to look at this whole mess logically, but things are spinning so fast, creating so much nausea out here in the real world, we’d spend an eternity trying to squeegee up the vomit.

I believe health care is broke. But, if you’ll notice the name of my new book – “A list of broken things,” you’ll come to understand, that from my perspective, I believe there’s a whole lot more broken than healthcare. I have a list – and I can’t believe our country’s leadership doesn’t have one too. But instead of starting at the top of that list, they’re starting somewhere in the middle.

How many other things can you think of – how many better things we could actually be spending our time on?

Personally I’d feel better if the President would stop with his globe-trotting and sit down and make a decision on either pulling our troops out – or sending them the back up they need to prevent needless loss of life. That would be a good place to start. But I’ve got a list.

Does he?

I’d feel better if we’d get back to being serious about Iran and spend a little time eradicating their production facilities to prevent the construction of weapons which can not only be used against Israel, but against our troops as well.

I’d feel better if we just got the whole Guantanamo thing out of the way. They’re guilty. Let’s start there. Now, string the bastard terrorists up, and be done with it. No more body-surfing – no more comfy prison in Cuba. No vacation in New York courtesy of the U.S. Justice System. Just end it.

I’d feel better if we enforced a few of our existing immigration laws and put those who are here illegally, out of the country. They are, after all, “illegal.” I’d feel better if we didn’t start acting soft on the whole drug issue – why? A large part of Somalia’s population is nearly completely hooked on drugs – especially one called Kat. But they use other stuff too, and I don’t know if anyone noticed how well that whole thing has worked out for them, but it isn't a nice place to live. I’d also feel better if we turned the water on to the California farmers, dropped some of our environmental restrictions, started building some oil platforms – even if they occlude the millionaire views at those ocean-front homes. I’d feel better if we stopped paying off administration cronies, big bankers and lawyers, and tried focusing on the regular people for a change.

I’d feel better if we gave our small business people some breathing room, so they could start expanding and start hiring.

But I’ve got a list, and with the Senate foolishness happening tomorrow, it makes me wonder if anyone else has one?

I’ve got a list of broken things.

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