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Monday, November 2, 2009

Rats are everywhere

I was just watching a commercial on television, which was advertising a mousetrap which is completely contained. It looks like a little lunch bucket – nothing to see, nothing to touch – all the goodies stashed safely inside.

It got me thinking about rats in general, and wouldn’t you know it, one just showed up on the scene even as I was wondering if we could develop such a handy tool for politicians – or would be politicians.

We’ve got another winner in New Mexico.

Yep. It isn’t enough to keep your eyes on the rats in Washington. You have to be careful of the ones with their fake smiles, creeping up on you in your own back yard. Yet, here he is – big as day - a candidate for the fancy lunch bucket thing.

This guy is running for Congress and his clean, smiling photo and fancy red tie, belies the fact that he was demoted, then discharged after attempting to smuggle a handgun out of Iraq. Having gone through the long lines where literally barrels are filled with items which Customs are not going to allow through (the authorities sift through your bags for all manner of things before leaving country), I find it incredible that someone could be so Rat-stupid that they would:

a) do something as dumb as this in this day and age.

b) act as if it's no big deal - in fact not even mention this on his website where he's stumping for votes.

Then, to add insult to injury, this character is caught engaging in street theater, while in uniform (something which he narrowly beat in court because the Uniform Code of Military Justice doesn’t apply to Inactive Ready Reserve). His response to the Marine Corps when they contacted him regarding this was a letter which he ended with, “... ask you to please kindly, go f**ck yourself.”

The Marine Corps took out the hammer and brought this guy and his buddies before a tribunal. In fact, on his website, he claims an "honorable" discharge in 2006, but conveniently forgets to mention that a military tribunal downgraded this guy to a general discharge a year later (a status below honorable, but not "other than honorable," which would have caused him to lose access to VA services and forced him to pay back more than $10,000 in educational benefits he collected while getting his BA degree.) Of course, he appealed the decision and that appeal was denied.

But this Rat is actually locatable on Wikipedia and his dedicated campaign page shows he’s raised more than $100,000 so far.

As an active participant in the group, Iraq Veterans Against the War, this guy has been interviewed by CNN in reference to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who resigned Sept. 17, 2007.

In fact, here’s a list of the wonderful accomplishments of this particular Rat who is running for Congress:

• Demoted and discharged in 2006 for trying to smuggle a firearm back from Iraq.

• Arrested for protesting in the Senate Hart Office Building.

• Arrested for trespassing on Ft. Benning, GA.

• Assisted in the hanging of posters across George Washington University, depicting an Arab man and the question “Hate Muslims? So do we!!!” The poster was signed “students for Conservativo-Faschism Awareness.”

• Has possibly advocated violence, publicly speaking the following at a Ron Paul rally: “…there may come a time when we will say to the powers that be – be it with your blood or ours, we have come to water the tree of liberty…who will stand with me?”

• Interrupted a speech by winner of 17 military awards and decorations, John McCain, yelling “ask him why he votes against vets."

Who is this character? One might wonder, when you consider all the questionable activity surrounding him, and that he feels that "most people don’t consider the moral implications of their actions" – like smuggling weapons? His stated goal on his website is being “committed to using his life to make the world a better place.”

Seems I have heard that statement somewhere – ahh, the Miss America Pageant. Perhaps he should try his luck there, instead. It might save us all a lot of heartache down the road.

This candidate is Adam Kokesh. As strange as politics is today, I suspect he’ll not only be elected to Congress, but after a year or two there, he’ll run for President.

All hail President Kokesh. Thank God, we’re saved.

Someone get the Rat bucket.

1 comment:

  1. I would like to Nominate Kokesh for RAT OF THE YEAR!

    If not just for protesting Medal of Honor Winner and Hero John McCain. But also for disgracing the USMC not to mention the US military in general.
    I will scream from the top of the capital building NOT ANOTHER BEAUTY PAGENT WINNER IN THE WHITE HOUSE.. LOL


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