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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hoffman wins.

I like Hoffman.

He’s got that goofy, glassy look that one gets when they realize they’re probably about to get handed a big job – and they only intended to prove to themselves and everyone else that they could apply for it and really compete.

I believe he’s going to win. And I love the reality of that – it’s a different kind of reality. It has a strong texture to it. It’s tangible and sensible and it makes a difference because what it says to all the other creatures living in Congress is that we – the regular people - are ready to cut you loose.

Now, you might think – “yeah, but he hasn’t won yet.” And you’d be right. Look at the clock and if you’re like me sitting and waiting for the results, you’d be right. But you’ll probably be sitting with the same level of anticipation – and in my mind, that already scores a win for Doug Hoffman.

Yeah, he might not believe he’s got as far as he has – but the rest of us out here in places far removed from his New York, are seeing finally that the “little guy’s” voice can be heard. We’re seeing that media glitz and polish isn’t the be-all and end-all of politics. We are seeing history now – and are witnessing the kind of carnage we are likely to see in the 2010 race.

If you believe - if you really believe - just watch Hoffman win the day, and enjoy every moment. It marks the beginning of the end of public relations and plastic and teleprompter-tangos, in front of perfectly staged backgrounds. Regardless of what Hoffman believes – or what he is – he represents our rejection of falsehoods and special interests and politicians groomed to produce the first and line the pockets of the second.

Hoffman is really “Everyman,” and I believe he proves what I have been ending my articles with for months now. To all of our nation’s leadership who believe you’re untouchable – who believe you can go on hurting the regular people, know this for certain: we’re coming for you.

We’re coming for you all.

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