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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hoffman - a kind of hope.

So ol’ Hoffman wins our hearts, but because of the alleged “Republican” remaining on the ballot, he loses, and progressivism takes one more stuttering step.

Yet, I stand behind what I wrote earlier. Hoffman won one for all of us unknowns out here. He makes me wonder what is possible – can we turn things around before it all spirals down the drain?

Saw something interesting the other day on Discovery; people actually burying themselves in South America – some kind of ancient rebirth ceremony. Makes me wonder about the Republican Party. Maybe we should bury it quick, before it has the chance to create another scenario like Hoffman experienced – 6,000 votes peeled away by a (R) candidate who quit because the kitchen was too hot for her; then endorses the Democrat, leaves her name on the ballot and does her best to screw over the little guy.

Well, she succeeded in that respect.

But here’s the thing: If the Republican party is so decomposed as to have one of its candidates pull something as slimy as Scozzafava did, then perhaps it’s time to call for “last rights,” and find a nice grassy spot where we can dig a pleasant resting place for it.

Of course, Hoffman came from nowhere in three weeks, and with more than 10,000 absentee votes and some 5,000 not yet counted, perhaps he should not have conceded so quickly. Additionally, four precincts in St. Lawrence County had mechanical problems and the results were not available.

So where does it all leave us?

I think it leaves us hoping for something better. It makes me personally not want a third party – but just a reborn second party. Then again, I don’t agree with everything any party represents, so maybe we should just bury all of them in that grassy place, and vote our conscience. Maybe this would be better than following lines dictated by unions, power-establishment and the rest of the good-ol-boy system.

That said, I’m glad New Yorkers didn’t end up with Scozzafava. At least they got a candidate who wasn’t just wearing a “party suit.” Like some kind of skin-walker, Scozzafava may slink away into the night – good riddance. Whatever she was underneath, we now know for certain what she wasn't. Of course I suspect she’ll get nominated, by some quick-witted reader, for the great, Jolly Rogers Rat Watch. So maybe she's really a rat underneath the (R) suit and subsequently deserves it.

Now someone grab a shovel and help me bury the whole party system thing. We just have to dig deep because I’ve seen way too many zombie movies, and I suspect it will claw its’ way out, given the chance.

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  1. Dede Scossafava pulled a fast one tonight in the special electionNY 23. While she suspeded her campaign she did not withdraw from the campaign. This lead to her name staying on the ballot shifting around 6000 votes from Doug Hoffman. When Hoffman conceded the race tonight he needed a little over 4,000 votes.

    Dede Scossafava is there for nominated for Rat of the day.


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