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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Never give up

Louisiana Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao sells out the nation allowing government controlled health care and government control of our lives, to go to the next step.

Cao was the only Republican to vote in favor of the Democrat bill today in the House of Representatives. And what did he sell his vote to get? Cao actually wrote in a statement following the vote, that he obtained a commitment from President Obama so Louisiana citizens will get special attention on health care issues and community disaster loan forgiveness. All this is seemingly promised in return for backing the vote.

And just recently, Scozzafava turns traitorous on the Republican Party and squirms out of the race in New York - but in leaving her name on the ballot, took 6,000 votes away from the conservative candidate, allowing the Democrat to win.

And of course, there was the Republican failure, which started this all off – the one, which allowed Obama, and all his people into office to begin with and brought about the one-sided congress we now have.

Lastly there’s the "lick and kiss" media, the National Endowment of the Arts being converted into a propaganda machine through huge pay-offs and of course, the corruption of the voting processes through big pay-offs to industry and community groups. And the final cog, re-education of the young which we’ve seen occurring through introduction of political bias in the classroom.

It is all one big failure.

But here’s the danger. With the health care bill edging forward in the process by such a small margin, it is still allowing its’ supporters to beat their chest and claim their superiority. While today the vote is counted at 220 for and 215 against, I guarantee that by tomorrow, the supporters of this will have claimed they beat their opposition by a huge margin, and were never worried. They will claim that the “true will” of the American people has been heard and answered.

They will make these claims in spite of massive and growing and intensifying, opposition. And if they are successful in their chatter, they will cause some folks to give up and walk away from it all in frustration or disgust. And mark these words carefully, dear reader – if they win in health care it can only result in two things –more focused and fierce opposition, but also more and more liberty lost to a gluttonous government machine.

One day, we will wake up in a perfectly constructed cage – a completed and operational dictatorship. If you think this is impossible, history is the proof. These things start out small. They are affected often with the best intentions at first, but slowly, the lies used to pacify the opposition become greater and greater, and the citizenry can’t believe that they are simply being duped. The formula: pacification, isolation and elimination, is so obvious and yet so insidious, that it simply requires the right amount of power with the wrong people, and disaster is certain.

The wrong people don’t need to be in place now. All that is required is a well-meaning structure – an impenetrable wall of laws and muscle and hardware and in the coming years, the wrong people may be handed the keys to the kingdom. Then our children suffer the truth of all dictatorships: loss of will, loss of hope and finally, loss of life.

We can still stop this, by fighting the bill as it goes through the rest of the process, but give up now or give in now, like Cao did, and we will all suffer.

And if we don’t, our children will.


  1. The Health care traitor Cao is my pick today for the Rat award. He sold us down the river on HC for his own political gain after weeks of private meetings with Obummer. See he comes from a predomminantly African American district with high unemployment. If he had voted against HC he would never be elected again and he knew it.

    I say his pink slip should be in the mail along with some stinky cheese


  2. Rep Cao was not representing the people that put him in office he said he was representing his constituents but they did not elect him! I can guarantee you that nobody in the 9th ward of New Orleans voted for him. He was bought pure and simple by Obama! That is a shame and he should be removed from office. The people that voted him in never want Socialized Healthcare.


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