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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A dream that was us

How do we fight and win against so much built-in infrastructure designed to keep the regular people in their place? It's a structure which seems designed to enrich and elevate the wealthy and powerful elite in our American society, but keep everyone else in a state of dependence.

I have heard much unfocused talk about revolution – and I would answer that word with “evolution.” You have to be beyond the stage where you are simply willing to bash the other monkey’s head in with a rock to attain your stated aims. I have also heard talk of “resistance.” But in order to resist you have to “exist.” Our own government chooses to ignore whole sections of the public, labeling them with terminology not fit for the coarsest environs.

I have seen people rail against injustices so obvious that children could easily see the solution; turn the water on so the California farmers can return to their fields, build oil platforms so America can acquire its’ own fuel, stop worrying about what is going to happen to the planet a thousand years from now and focus on what is going on today, stop taking away the very things which build jobs and allow people to subsist, stop paying off bankers and lawyers and every other crony who produces nothing, stop ignoring terrorism and meet it head on. And for God’s sake, give our soldiers the support they need and are asking for, so they can finish the fight – or send in the ships and aircraft and bring them home.

But how do we do all this? What muddy battlefield awaits where these things - which the average person is very concerned about – are respectfully addressed by lawmakers and resolved? What will our country look like when our leaders are less interested in how they will be re-elected and more interested in making this place better for future generations?

I have seen television commentators and reporters, work themselves into froths over the twitching, flopping antics of a government out of control. I’ve seen a government based on the ideals of freedom, openly attack free speech and other rights and attempt at every turn, to grasp and control more of our daily lives.

And we all have seen increases in taxes and regulation and how each day, our country resembles more and more, a kind of compound, where slavery to the state is compulsory. We are all witnessing a creeping kind of statism, socialism or worse.

I have seen in my lifetime, the gathering of the “Tall Ships,” in honor of our naton’s 200th birthday. I stood on the shore in Newport, Rhode Island with my grandmother as – while holding the hands of my sister and I - she told us, “look at this now, because in your whole lives you will never see this again.”

I have seen great men speak. I have talked with astronauts who have taken the first steps into that "final frontier." I have walked in Red Square when Russia was still the Soviet Union. I have seen communism and its' effects first-hand. I have seen anarchy and its' effects first-hand. I have walked the dirt paths of the La Fole orphanage in Somalia and tasted the fine dust, which permeates everything and leaves a coppery-taste in your mouth - like blood. I have stood knee-deep in corridors filled with post-cards requesting the release of political prisoners. I have seen mass-graves and the scent of such places never truly leaves your nose - it's burned into your mind at a level so deep you can't help but think of it the remainder of your life.

I have crouched unmoving around the clock, perfectly concealed, as people walked past just inches away, doing my job as an LPOP. I have protected massive, mobile nuclear arsenals. I have interviewed sad, lonely doctors at the ass-end of the globe – so tired, they nearly nodded off as I asked them “how hard has it been? What do you need?” I watched those same doctors recount the horrors of purgatory in flat, monotone voices, with eyes too dry for any more tears.

What does anyone need? Life, love, a chance – some hope.

I have seen many things in all this time; and yet all this time is less than a flicker. I don’t even count as a speck in time. None of us do.

And yet in all of this, I have never seen a Continental Congress – the collection of odd representatives which created this country – and which if re-established, has the legal power to shut it all down and rebuild it.

The morning of Sept, 7, 1774 saw the first opening prayer for the Continental Congress. At 5 p.m., Wednesday, November 11, 2009, the same prayer from 1774, was repeated, and another group of the people’s representatives were convened in New Orleans. They did this even as our current Congress seeks to force massive legislation packages onto the public - packages, which they admittedly have never even read.

The new Continental Congress was subsequently formed in response to the following assumptions:

1. The Constitution cannot defend itself and it is not a menu.

2. CC 2009 is a National Assembly of citizens from the states of the Union and the District of Columbia.

3. The purpose of CC 2009 is to legally end certain violations of the federal Constitution.

4. CC 2009 is the appropriate next step in a 14-year process by the free People to hold their STATE AND FEDERAL elected officials accountable to the federal Constitution.

5. The free People have exhausted their administrative and judicial remedies.

6. The free People wish now to exhaust their constitutional remedies, as guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and the Accountability Clause of the First Amendment.

7. The Delegates wish to focus on Facts, avoiding Opinions.

8. The Delegates wish to focus on violations of the Constitution, avoiding political questions.

9. When the People are up against unjust and uncivil government and laws and they are entitled to reform they will achieve it if they are pro-active, non-violent and have a mass-movement.

It makes me wonder, looking at the video of the event, if anyone else will see what I see – some life; a love for “a dream” which was once the United States - a glimmer of what we once were.

A hope we can be that again.

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