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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Like a storm.

I want to believe we will get beyond this stage.

I want to see things put right. I want to wake tomorrow and discover that this whole affair with our house-of-cards economy, government lies and discord and hate – was all just some kind of fevered imaginings. I want there to be room for belief and discovery and love and honesty.

But I know we are experiencing the fall of a very dark night indeed.


Nothing seems right. We charge our heroes with crimes and provide the criminals and monsters with deep respect, lawyers and well-appointed prisons – until their release, of course. Our government turns a blind eye toward those who have lost everything, yet props up the rich and powerful with backroom deals and plans to steal even more from the people.

I don’t pretend to understand any of it. I just know, in a visceral way, that it is wrong.


I have known much smarter people than myself – people of faith and people with dreams. I think we need those kind of folks right now. Times have moved beyond the artful deception, which has been politics. I believe we face a crisis requiring fewer lawyers and more men of action.

But even us common people can make a difference. In the most unlikely ways and under the most unimaginable circumstances we can give of our time and our talents and fight fabrication with the truths, which make us shine. In the midnight being thrust upon us, we can light the way for others, and we can be safe havens, guardians, providers of hope and goodwill.

I know there are those who would say to me that God will provide – and perhaps he will. But there’s no harm in being good people. There’s nothing wrong with hard work and compassion, flawed though we may be.

People have told me they are frightened. And I have seen epic endings and understand with my limited intelligence, tattered faith and tired dreams, that we can lose it all. Civilization is not a promise or a right. It is a responsibility and a complex burden for the free.


But know this. We are out here – those of us who have seen things - and although you feel alone, you are not. Demons and devils may walk among us and pluck us like ripe fruit from the face of the world, but I have seen Angels too, and felt their compassion. I have seen the courageous and beautiful and true of heart do amazing things. And amongst all of it, I have come to know a truth that many would give a great deal to understand.

It is simple and pure and there is nothing on this Earth that can sully it or destroy it. It is indestructible, impermeable and untouchable. Evil shrinks from it and those with peace in their hearts understand it completely and perfectly.

This thing has power so immense that it can reshape the world. It is unlimited and those who have experienced it and cling to it are changed completely and irrevocably.

It is of course love.


The worms don’t understand that we fight for each other. The gutless wonders, which have leveraged themselves into positions of authority can’t fathom the simplest truth, the lowest ranking troop learns in the field: we stand up for each other. This is not because we are noble or valorous; It is just because, we have to. Love requires the protector to protect. We care for the same reason we fail – we are human.

Those who forget it, regardless of their station in life have reason to fear. Those who remember it, stand together as brothers and sisters against the opposition’s darkness, and they will always win.

Someone once asked me to sign onto a group which would claim “they did not fight for this:” ie. this government and its’ version of change and warped hope.

But I will always fight for this because I will always fight for you. I will never give up, never give in and never surrender. When you are feeling weak, I and those lke me, will be here with strength. When you are tired, we will stand for you. When there doesn’t seem to be anything left – we will meet the opposition with glad hearts and power they cannot ever understand. And we will win.

Breathe. And feel your heart beat. Listen to all our hearts beat – all our breath as one - together.

It is like thunder.

It is like a storm.

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