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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terror in the courtroom

I would just like to throw some ideas out there regarding the intended New York visitation of Islamic terrorists responsible for the September 11 attacks.

Let’s first look at the religion. Islam is a religion of peace, yet there are interpretations, which produce some amazingly warped individuals. Much like distortions of the Christian religion produces people like Jim Jones or David Koresh – just on a scale of insanity which we can’t fathom.

But if you consider Islam for a moment, one must wonder how these individuals would fare in a trial by their own faith and their own rules? It makes me wonder where the people are who are protecting the real faith? Should they not be calling for the execution of these mass-murderers?

Or how about the moments when they do the perp-walk? And what kind of security will there be in that courtroom, or on the way to it? They’re going to have to guard against accidents, ambushes by angry citizens and other threats on the way there, then they’re going to have to do daily courtroom screenings for everything from anthrax to pipe-bombs, grenades and ceramic pistols firing ice bullets from the gallery as someone screams “God is Great!” in English or a multitude of other languages.

And let’s say there’s not a single, individual who lost everything in those attacks –willing to trade their life for the satisfaction of seeing those murderers die – permanently and totally. Then what are the options?

How about this one: Every terrorist gets off on technicalities. Can you imagine the insanity, which would ensue if these guys walked away from it all – like the U.S.S. Cole attack planner Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri? In this instance, the only way they would get out of New York, is with the full power of the U.S. government protecting them all the way. Yep, just imagine, some first-class tickets back to the land of Holy Wars, where they can pass their time, killing our soldiers, while they plan more mass killings in the States.

Or what about this chance: They all are considered to be whack-jobs. So, they are all put in the funny farm with the guys who believe they are Napoleon or Spiderman and those who are certain the voices in their heads are telling them to build submarines out of toilet paper. In that case, these terrorists won’t be sent to deep, high-security, underground locales like we see in Silence of the Lambs.


Instead, they will get a pleasant locale where they can be fed their happy meds and happy meals daily, three squares and a nice pleasant room, perhaps some outdoor time and field trips – all on the dime of the U.S. citizens. Their facility will be much like Guantanamo without the hot weather, questioning or body surfing.

Or how about this possibility – my greatest nightmare, really: Suppose the thing just drags on and on. Consider the daily damage to our national security. Consider the damage to the families of those lost that day, and please consider what a fantastic intelligence and recruitment tool this is, to the terrorists and would-be-terrorists still out there walking free?

How many people will die in the next attacks due to the weakness we show now? There’s no end to this.

Unless - by some measure of justice - the courtroom proceedings are brief, kept out of the public eye and these guys are executed and disposed of quickly and efficiently. I guess we’ll have to hope for that.

It’s all we’ve got left now.

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