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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teleprompters and potatoes

by the

I am sitting here in my fluffy pink bathrobe, and my partner in crime tells me that Obama has made a speech to 6th graders. I thought, “Oh great, isn’t that a great thing for kids. Then I look at the pictures."

I have had a flurry of emotions. First all I could do was cry.

Dan Quayle couldn’t spell “potato,” when he was in front of Trenton 6th Graders. January 19, Barack Obama couldn’t speak in front of another group of the same school-age kids in Falls Church, Virginia, without his presidential podium – and WITHOUT HIS DAMNED TELEPROMPTER!

Dan Quayle couldn’t spell Potato, but I can’t spell “dufus” – and I really need to right now! This dufus (is that spelled right?) needs a teleprompter to talk to little frakking kids! So I have to pull my bathrobe up over my eyes, to wipe the tears. I think then - "OK I will look at all the pics. Maybe they are fake."

Nope wrong again. More tears and hysterical laughter as I see they are not fake. Not only does this dufus (is that repetitious?) have a Teleprompter - he has a podium with the official seal for the Office of the President. Does he think he is talking to future voters here?

As I wipe the tears away, I fondly remember my President GW sitting on the floor laughing with kids. Reading them stories, playing softball and many other things. All done without a teleprompter or speech-writers. At the White House April 15, 2008, President Bush remarked to Pope Bennedict after a sermon, “Thank you your Holiness, that was an awesome speech.” There’s so many more good ones, but at least they were all done from the heart and not read off a screen.

Who is this current idiot that he cannot talk to kids?

I don’t know. But I have to blow my nose, because the snot and tears are now unstoppable. My pink fluffy bathrobe is a sticky snot rag. I need a beer summit. I can solve all our problems from my pink bathrobe. He can pet the stupid Bulldog. The Bulldog can bark at the teleprompter.

No wonder they are trying to kill us with underpants.

My computer just froze. He killed my computer.


need to see to believe....look at the left of the photo....

Obama, his teleprompter and podium with Sixth Graders.

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