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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saving Haiti - do it now.

Help Haiti.
So many folks don't understand what this means - they can't see beyond their nose. They don't understand how bad things are - or how bad they are going to get.

I do. You have to see a place collapsed. 7,000 bodies have just been buried in a mass grave. Believe me, there will be many, many more. I have very little to offer other than myself, but I have contacted those whom I could, to volunteer to help. I even sent a note to the White House. I don't expect any calls back - there's so many fine folks in our military and relief organizations today, and they have little need of some former lower-enlisted guy, but in a way, that's not the point.

I'm a disabled vet from Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, and I have volunteered to go back.

What will you do?

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  1. YOU rock thru our ROCK!! Honestly Dave, Jesus has given a heart that you just use-- whether you realize it is directly ALWAYS from HIM or not!! You are the "give up your life" one that HE loves and wants others to see!! These situations are blessed by people LIKE YOU--- and others who learn from YOU.... such an example!! We have sure been blessed with you here in the USA--as other countries have -- as for you know--have seen such anguish. God bless you-- thank you for this inspiration!!! PASSING IT FORWARD!!!
    In His Grip,
    Heather @AliveinMe


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