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Friday, January 22, 2010

Red for Resolve

I respect the office of President of the United States. I always have and always will. It’s part of my make-up. It’s just the way things are.

However, as a private citizen these days, I decided a few months ago to take my observations onto the internet through the Jolly Rogers blog. Subsequently, I aimed to provide an objective viewpoint for various issues, but I have found over time that the activities of our country’s leadership became so questionable that I couldn’t necessarily claim “middle-ground” status.

It may be impossible to cover these issues and report both sides. This is because there are so many lies out there, and they will not get a platform here.

Following Scott Brown’s win in his run for the U.S. Senate, I was saddened – but not surprised – to read the President’s remarks as delivered today. I realize there are folks out there who believe that President Obama cannot possibly do any wrong. I respect your opinion and applaud your ability to keep your opinion freely, and always speak your mind.

I must now speak mine.

Addressing the contents of the Jan 22nd speech to the press, I would have to list the following points, which directly conflict with the statements the President made today:

First, I do not believe the Recovery Act had anything to do with economic recovery in any form. Job saves and job creation are impossible benchmarks to measure. And I can't see any recovery in those areas. If we have recovered, it would be due to the work of the regular people finding a way around idiot government restrictions – some way to stay in business and keep as many of their people as possible, paid and against all odds, employed.

Second, the statement that the prior economy was creating wealth for the elite, but no one else, is false on its’ face. What happened to all the 401Ks across the nation in the last year? I didn’t agree with the economics of the previous administration, but the 10 percent of folks who lost their jobs recently, probably are not feeling like things are at all improved.

Third, clinging to “clean energy” and all things “green” is a losing position. That ship is sinking rapidly, with all the lying, conspiring environmental scientists chained to the deck. Obama may feel free to stay at the helm, but he’ll go down with that ship.

Four – the number of Americans without health insurance continues to change dramatically. It is bigger when the administration is desperate, and smaller when they think some minor concessions might actually move the HCR mess forward. The names used for HCR are also very plastic. When it suits the spin, the name morphs into something new – but it remains the same old junk.

Reform, however, is probably necessary in some form. Anyone who has ever got a medical bill and paid $20 for an aspirin and $40 for a blanket – or has been a doctor ruined by lawyers – probably has a clear picture where we might start. Crush the lawyers through tort reform – it’s a shovel-ready project.

Five – Clarity is the last term the average person would use to identify Obama or his administration. His folks are nowhere near transparent. They are not even opaque. They are hiding behind locked doors in the most highly secured facilities in the world. They exclude opposing viewpoints. Their “open-door-policies” only apply to those who share their point of view. When they speak – it is by reading PR-massaged texts, which have been scrubbed clean of any specific terminology or actual truth. They do not even feel obligated to answer direct questions put to them by the press.

But the most important aspect of Obama’s recent speech is that it shows the direction the President wants to go. Brown’s win – which I have argued in this blog, is a referendum on arrogance – has not changed the words scrolling on those tele-prompters.

So, when Obama says “let me be clear: This isn’t about me,” we can be sure that the whole mess and the resulting activity in the administration, is in fact all about Barack Obama, who allegedly reads letters and listens to sad stories at town hall meetings all day long. In his speech, he relates another indistinct story or two and continues with the same drivel, which has led to the anger, which turned a blue Massachusetts red.

Red for anger, perhaps - but certainly, red for Republican, and possibly red for resolve.

On the basis of these comments and the disorganized, collapsing house of cards which has long been Washington, and now seems destined to be Obama’s legacy, I believe the man and the people he’s surrounded himself with, are delusional.

I hope they can snap out of it soon.

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