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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just beyond midnight

We have travelled fathomless depths. We have navigated the dark waters of lies and deception and we have traversed the ocean of despair.

No one listens when you’re alone in a small boat in unknown waters. God may look down upon you and he may hear your prayers, but the sea is unforgiving and if no one is even looking for you, your chances of rescue are much less than your chance of disappearing without a trace.

We are still afloat. Religion, privacy, free-speech, the right to own firearms – the expectation that you will have a voice in the government. It’s all in question now, because the expanding government really is the dark waters beneath us - and its’ boundaries stretch into the unknown depths and unexplored distances beyond.

We can’t be sure of anything we are told, due to hidden motivations, secrets locked in the soundless depths and dark slimy political fish swirling in hungry, gaping, soul-less schools, unseen, beneath us.

We face a future adrift until one by one, we succumb, and slip over the side to join the eternal.

Or we can choose to chart a course by the stars hanging above us. Themselves, almost within reach, their silver light reflect off the surface of the darkness just past the gunwales. We can choose a path blazed by our great ancestors on cold unforgiving waters of ancient times. We can be John Paul Jones, on a burning, sinking vessel, lit by the unending cannon blasts of the 44-gun Serapis. We can refuse surrender, even as he did, and instead make the ocean echo again with the challenge “I have not yet begun to fight!”

We can be John Barry making the fastest traverse of the 18th century, on his ship the Black Prince and later delivering the news in April 1776 to the Marine Committee of Congress, that he engaged the British ship, Edward and “shattered her in a terrible manner as you will see.” The victory marked the first capture of a British warship by an American cruiser. We can choose to be the same Barry who attacked a British fleet in rowboats and captured three ships. We can be the Barry who, though seriously wounded on his 36-gun Alliance, being raked and destroyed by two British ships, refused to strike the colors, instead saying, “No sir, the thunder! If this ship cannot be fought without me, I will be brought on deck! To your duty, sir!” His opponents instead, struck their colors and were captured by the shredded, smoking Alliance.

We can even be the man whom Barry served as courier for in 1777. We can speak the same words with the authority of a giant, “…but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

We can all be Washington. We can keep tight to us the night’s password “Victory or Death.” We can take our small craft across the strange waters as a vanguard. In the dark and the cold we can strike for the strip of land now visible in the half-light. Weather will not turn us, pain will not dissuade us, hardship will give us only strength and purpose. And our spirits will soar, because like that long ago Christmas Day of 1776, we will be turning back the bleak unfriendly tide of history by our will alone.

We can be these men because they stand behind us – just there, out of easy sight. Their words and actions are in our blood. They call to us across the void between this world and the next. “Stand,” they shout. “Do not shrink. Do not surrender. See there, victory is within reach!”

And it is.

Out there, beyond the uncertain depths of our country’s enemies within, is the firm footing of solid ground, where we can face the mad creatures which would take our lives, the lives of our families friends and communities, and still cackle and dance in the merry light of the burning ruins.

We can face them with strength and determination long ago born in the hearts of the Jones, the Barrys and the Washingtons. These empty husks masquerading as politicians, will be cut down with the force of our overwhelming numbers and unflagging beliefs. The dark waters will recede and drain away, leaving them gasping, beached and beaten. We will feel the familiar texture of history flow around us and the beauty of truth will make right the world. We can reclaim our honor and our liberty and our lives.

We can get there. It’s just a little bit further.

All there waiting on that rocky shore, just beyond midnight.


Want to know how to fight right now? Get behind Scott Brown for a start. See the articles on Brown on this blog to understand why, or visit his website here.


  1. There may be this long valley-- but thru that--- we bloom-- God's plans unfold-- and He helps us up the mountain--may even carry us-- to see the beauty He has in store!!! Nothing is ever too big, too tough, too trivial for OUR TRUE GOD!!! ~Hetty @AliveinMe

  2. This is an amazing piece of writing. Best thing I've read in a looong time, and truly inspiring in this dark night of America in 2010. This blogger will keep the faith and never give in to tyranny. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. You've out done yourself with this piece. An anthem for liberty. Hope it sees the light of day far beyond these obscure pages. ;-)


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