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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A referendum on arrogance

In case you missed it, one man from Massachusetts may have just prevented an internal national disaster of unprecedented proportions by winning a place in the U.S. Senate and proclaiming loudly, “This is the people’s seat!”

How did it happen?

I’m sure there’s a lot of the country’s leadership, who are asking themselves this question. I have heard some amazing one-liners spoken on air today – my favorite being, “Where was the turning point?” I’m going to take this opportunity to direct those who missed a couple small things to look a little closer – did they really miss the more than one-million people protesting at the Capitol Mall? Here’s a hint…that was your turning point. If you didn’t look at your television that day, or you didn’t look out your windows in Washington that day, please see the photos on this blog, dated Sept. 12, 2009. The numbers of people at that event were confirmed by satellite. How do you miss a million people? The numbers exceeded those at Obama’s inauguration.

That was the moment to do something to stay in office. That day, where one simple hand-written sign read “silence is consent – can you hear us now?” resonated across the nation. That was the day when things could have been turned around, and it could have been done by a simple impromptu speech – ideally delivered by the President of the United States.

Instead, the leadership of our country has chosen to ignore the response by the U.S. citizenship, calling them various names including using a disgusting sexual reference “teabagger.” Odd how despite the government’s use of derogatory terminology and depictions, even on National Public Radio, Massachusetts has lost their traditional Democrat Senate seat. And isn’t it interesting that because of the disgraceful Christmas Eve vote on Health Care Reform and all the hidden dealings behind closed doors, paired with the treatment of regular Americans at Town Hall meetings, we are here at this point. With all the buy-offs and thievery and dirty dealings, our leadership should now be coming to the clear realization that the people are in fact, their bosses, and not the other way around. I wonder if they will.

Because here’s another number for you: 123,263 votes. That’s how many votes Brown won by. It’s enough to be considered a real “landslide”

And here’s what it all boils down to:

This election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate is not a referendum on Barack Obama or his often, idiotic policies. This is a referendum on arrogance. People are tired of the elitist arrogance of our nation’s administration.

And now that this election has happened, that leadership had best get Brown seated quickly and efficiently, trot their health care package out in front of the new 41st Republican and take their lumps. If they do not do this, the entire situation will change dramatically. Why? Because the regular people needed this win. This is the long-awaited flashpoint – and against all odds and the weight of history, it is thankfully a positive one. History doesn’t record many positive flashpoints, so our leaders can now get out in front of this and press forward, go back to the drawing board and start working together – or they can reap the whirlwind.

Mark these words. If they keep playing the blame game and keep pressing this unpopular legislation forward, they will lose everything. If they attempt to buy another congressman to sneak the HCR package through, anger will build to impossible proportions – only it will be anger now backed by the knowledge that “the people really can win.” After all, “you can’t stop the truck.” This is the kind of momentum you either get behind, or the weight of the thing will simply roll right over you.

It is pure hope. Real hope – and not the cardboard cut-out “change” which so many Tea Party participants have suggested Obama can feel free to keep.

Tonight, Scott Brown could run for President, and he would win.

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  1. Regardless of how the Obama or the Left slice, dice, nuance, spin, disguise, or inveigle this egregious symphony upon the masses susceptible to statist propaganda disguised as hope and change, it is textbook Barack Obama usurping the United States Constitution, yet again.

    The People spoke out at the teaparties and nobody listened. The more they ignored the bigger it grew. The people are awake and paying attention! That was their biggest misstake! (great post)


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