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Friday, January 1, 2010

A way to win.

You want to start your new year off fighting.

Maybe your resolution was “to take back the country” from those who would sell us all out for their own gain? Somewhere between the dark end of December and the bright new day of January, you decided to “do something.”

Maybe you decided to win.

Know this: In Massachusetts, there is a political race like no other, set to conclude in days. I’ve written about it before. Others have written about it before. Now it is being talked about all over the country, because this election could change everything and reverse the tide of socialism.

I am of course, referring to the election for Ted Kennedy’s old seat – now a contest between a corrupt Attorney General and an “everyman” kind of guy, Scott Brown.

Brown is a regular guy. From video’s of him enjoying a snowball fight with his family, to his clear, simple list of positions, are in stark contrast to the shady dealings of his opponent, Martha Coakley, who has failed to face off against ACORN, accepted SEIU’s use of state resources in her campaign and vacillated on issues repeatedly.

Read more about Brown here:

But all this really is secondary to the goal: To win. To stop Congress in its’ tracks and take back some measure of control from the government. Just by the nature of being the right guy in the right place, Brown can make a difference in this. The taking of Kennedy’s Senate seat would be a crushing defeat to those who want to use our country for their own personal gain.

A win by Brown would place a strong conservative in a seat and State, normally reserved for liberal concerns and where representative have typically been dedicated to the single-payer, government health care idea. That health care reform idea, so opposed by most of the country now, was the life’s work of Ted Kennedy. Thus, putting that seat in the hands of the Republicans will not only destroy the filibuster-proof majority held by the Democrats now, but will deal a heavy blow directly to the kind of stealth socialism HCR actually is.

Brown is also a Lt. Col. In the Massachusetts National Guard – and I am a disabled vet. I would write about Brown if only for that reason alone, but in this case, I feel an even greater obligation.

Because if you want to start your year off with a win like no other – if you want to personally strike out against the posers and elitists in Washington and make a difference, then you need to find a way to help this guy out.

We can win. But we can never give up, never back down and never surrender.

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