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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who's got their finger on the switch

Who’s got their finger on the switch?

Doesn’t it seem strange that less than eight years after we are attacked by terrorists, the same group of legislators who stood together in the capital and promised to set aside partisanship, now can’t even agree what to do with the same terrorists. Our military rolls up the carpet with all these cockroaches scurrying, but still trapped – and now the civilian leadership wants to discard all the hard work of our service folks and just open the gates and let these guys go.

Here’s the one problem with all of it. Set aside the moral issues for a moment. These people took up arms against the United States in a declared war. While they are not wearing the uniform of a specific country, that does not mean they aren’t cloaked in the intention to kill as many Americans as possible.

So while four Uighurs are released to live it up in Bermuda and more discussions are held as to where to move the rest of the Guantanamo detainees, yet another released terrorist is once again in the fight and is leading new attacks against U.S. Troops. According to Defense Department data 74 of 540 released detainees have returned to their previous pastime – the effort to kill more Americans, or recruit and train more people who will carry these attacks out.

Where is the shame? Does anyone remember why our government started down the path of catching and jailing terrorists? Are these things so dim in our collective memory: the reports from the scene in New York, bodies plummeting from the upper floors of the trade center before its collapse; grey people walking in the streets, color and creed erased by the ashes; the burning wreck at the Pentagon or the words “Let’s Roll?”

Set aside this fight and give the people who are responsible for these atrocities, U.S. Constitutional rights, and you spit upon the memory of those lost in the attacks and the nearly equal numbers lost in our military and intelligence community. Those people, who have died, served in the honored ranks of those who worked so hard to box these animals up in Guantanamo.

Who is in control here? Who has their finger on the switch?

Why do we have a president who continues to change direction on this issue? Why do we even have citizens who are demanding these prisoners be released? Didn’t military tribunals hang those responsible for atrocities after WWII? Why has this not already happened in this case? Why are we even discussing the closing of this prison? If these people had anything to do with the Trade Center attacks, should they not have been squeezed for intel, then tried? If this was done right, there would likely be no need for a prison – there wouldn’t be any prisoners left.

It seems a hard line to take, but it is really very simple. If they are criminals, they can’t be considered under military rules and so are not afforded the protections of the Geneva Convention. Thus, they may be tried and jailed. If they are the opposition in a war – as they were identified at the beginning of all this, they then have no rights other than those provided by the Geneva Convention. Subsequently, at the end of hostilities (a victory resulting in elimination of the enemy or their surrender – neither of which has happened), they are released to their home countries, regardless of what that home country decides to do with them. Since there has been no declared victory or surrender, we must still be at war, regardless of what the current administration wants to call it all. Lastly, if they are war criminals, then they need to be tried and released if found innocent, imprisoned for a determined amount of time, if not, or executed for crimes against humanity.

And really, aren’t they already damned lucky they weren’t shot on the field?

So why do we have all the lawyer-speak, Congressional hearings, mealy-mouthed, political correctness, PR dancing, parsing and spinning? I don’t know.

Could it be that our country’s leadership are flopping about like beached fish? Are they choking on their campaign promises? Could it be that no one in that leadership is listening to the people? Could it be that no one in the government is looking seriously at history – even recent history? Could they be too interested in cocktail parties, big dinners, and flights across the country and the world for their own personal recreation? Could it be that these people we have elected just keep clicking their heels together and wishing it will all go away?

Got news for you people. The heel clicking isn’t working. You’re still here with the rest of us.

And we’re coming for you. We’re coming for you all.

-We the People

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