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Saturday, July 4, 2009

To Governor Sarah Palin

To: Governor Sarah Palin, her admirers and her detractors.

From: The People

Ref: Our loss and our gain.


When a governor of any level is unable to carry out the duties of their office because of frivolous, ridiculous actions by the mean spirited, biased, foolish and spiteful among the public, we all lose.

Governor Palin has stepped forward to serve the people of her state, and offered up herself for service to our nation. She has been mistreated, by those in her own party, by honorless opposition groups, by despicable actions of those in the entertainment industry and basement bloggers who style themselves as some kind of new-age, anointed media. The elite in society have attacked Palin because she is not one of them and because she is an honest, straightforward person.

When you set aside the flashpoints of social viewpoints, a biased press is revealed as a dark coalition which has itself been corrupted by big business and big politics. These media concerns and their pet politicians have battered the governor.

So, what now?

Speculation abounds as to what the Governor will do once she returns to private life. Here is a suggestion:

Please spend some of your time returning the favor to the biased media concerns, which have worked so hard to harm you. Drag the fools into court and thrash them mercilessly. Here’s why:

Politics does attract corruption and the Congress continues to prove that point. But our media has so often been the last check and balance of our system. In the past, tough, resourceful, principled reporters would chip away at the system and call the attention of the regular people to the things, which they could not see themselves. The media used to be the eyes and ears of The People. Sadly, except for a few exceptions, that is no longer the case. Worse, those who would question the status quo – those few who would stand against the tide of corruption, are marginalized, demonized and attacked themselves.

So, Governor Palin, when you again join the ranks of the public, spend some energy and time yanking these jerks into court. Maybe when the rest of the corrupt see these insects dragged into the light of day, it will give them pause – and maybe it will embolden the real media out there to follow the true stories. Maybe they will follow the money on some of these crooked deals and shine the light in the dark places. Maybe these actions will give us back one of the most important checks and balances we have – something other than the near “state run media” which currently exists.

You may have decided to give up your governorship, but the greater body of regular people here, in small and large pockets, throughout the United States, have not given up on you – nor that which you represent.

Whatever your plans, Godspeed.

And for you others who cheapen our great country with your schemes... you, who steal from the people and hide behind your credentials or your basement anonymity, take notice of what I write here. You, who push your self-serving agendas by corrupting the political and journalistic process, pay attention. And you who use your public office to take from our children and grandchildren, mark these words:

We’re coming for you. We’re coming for you all.

-We the People.

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