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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Solved our problems in an hour. Now what?

During a recent interview, President Obama answered criticism with the old standby, “lots of people criticize, but no one else has any answers.” That was a scary moment. Basically, our top guy is saying, ”OK, we might not be making things work, but no one else is giving us any better ideas.”

I don’t know. Maybe I’m a simpleton, but I’m going to take a stab at this. I asked people on Twitter to send me some issues they would like solved. So here we go – I’m taking on all comers. It should be noted, however, that President Obama didn’t send me any questions, which leads me to believe he is either busy, traveling to New York for a play or ice cream – or he’s still busy working up his own list of solutions:

  1. Energy woes – the government seems willing to grab up state parks in California – why not grab up some sections of ocean. Drill now. Drill in Alaska. Drill in my backyard if it is going to solve some problems. I’ll even help you build the rig. In short, I don’t care if the countryside is dotted with drilling rigs – and I don’t care if it takes ten years to get them all, running. At least we will be getting something real done.

  1. Global Warming – Just shut up. Worry about the globe once we’ve got our own country sorted out. Deal with the neighborhood after you’ve taken care of your own backyard. Environmentalism - Cut back the EPA regulations and bring some business back to the U.S. for a change.

  1. Out of control budget – stop spending money. In fact, the money which hasn’t been spent from the bills, which have been passed ... take it back, or give it directly to the people. Enough is enough. While you’re at it, open the books of the Federal Reserve and let the people see through an audit that everything is on the up and up.

  1. Loss of jobs – let the businesses, which are going tits-up, fail. Let the bankers who have run their companies into the ground, fail. Reduce regulation on new business and make it easier for small businessmen to get started. Cut taxes – don’t add to them.

  1. Medical insurance – got a job? Probably have some kind of medical plan. If you don’t, that is either a personal choice, or at least it is something you can deal with by getting a job. Care about your family? Get a job, and then get health insurance. While it may be necessary to take care of small children, seniors and the disabled, I don’t think anyone would dispute a government program dealing with that. But the rest of the stuff – simply adding 40 million people to the rolls – probably ridiculous.

  1. Free speech – Don’t levy thought-police legislation against the people. Just stay out of it.

  1. Cap in Trade – Be serious. See number one.

  1. Terrorism – Kill the terrorists. Squeeze the ones captured for info, which will help us kill more of them. Take care of the troops who do that job for us all. Let those troops come home when it is done. Worried about the terrorists we’ve got? Put them on trial and hang them, if necessary. Bury them. It’s a shovel-ready project.

  1. Corrupt politicians – Jail ‘em.

  1. Corrupt businessmen – Jail ‘em too.

  1. Prison space – Put the businessmen and the politicians in the same cells.

  1. Foreign policy – Don’t trade weapons systems for nothing. Don’t discontinue defensive programs we need. Shake hands, smile and don’t be an idiot. Remember, you’re representing us. Don’t try to solve the world’s problems. Try to solve our country’s first. Don’t sign climate control agreements with other nations. See number two.

  1. Idiots in Congress – Fire them all. Elect new ones.

  1. Problems with people who are angry with you – Stop screwing with them. Listen to them for a change. Try doing what the mainstream is asking you to do. Ignore the fringe whack-jobs. Want to know what my life is like? Come sit in my living room for a day. Deal with that. Help me fix the stupid swamp cooler again. Figure out why my mail is delivered to other people on the street. Help me to figure out how I’m going to pay another $3000 a year for electricity on my budget (see item number seven and then item number one). I'll even make you a cheese sandwich - then again, might not be able to afford cheese or bread due to VAT and new obesity regulations, so you might have to tough it out without the cheese or bread.

  1. Illegal aliens – Are they illegal? If they’re illegal, deport them. Don’t give them health care, driver’s licenses and everything else. They’re not citizens. The most we should pay for is the bus or rusty cargo ship, which drops them off at the gate.

  1. Senate rejecting audit of Fed – See number three.

  1. Gun rights – Leave it alone. If everyone carries, the criminals don’t have a trump card and it’s harder for good people to get hurt by bad ones.

  1. Clean Water Restoration Act (S787) – This is a resource grab. Ask what happened to some of the Southwestern ranchers after WWII. It’s always the same story. The government should not be able to seize people’s property. Period. If they try, they might want to see number 17.

  1. Barney Frank wanting to lower lending standards again – First of all, this is Barney. I believe there was a purple dinosaur named that. Same thing in my mind. But Barney should ask himself why our country is in the current fix it is in. Barney might also keep number nine in mind as he steps out onto the high wire again.

  1. Global Currency – It’s called the dollar. Stop printing it, like it means nothing, and you will not have to worry about it. See number three.

  1. VAT (Value Added Tax) – Has that been so helpful in places, which have done it before us? They’re choking on VAT. So in addition to the $3,000 more the government wants to add to our electric bill will be on top of rising costs in everything else due to hidden taxes. Get real.

22. Got a problem with bills slipping through, that some members of Congress don’t like? – Read the bills. Understand what you’re doing to people out here. Stop the snide, smirking disrespect you are showing to regular people who elected your dumb butts.

And remember. If you don’t straighten up, we will be coming for you.

We will be coming for you all.

-We the People

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  1. Gotta say you are spot on for resolving the nations problems, especially the jail them part. There would be far less need for the alphabet soup of agencies if we put corrupt business and politicians in jail and as well as letting the businesses fail.

    We were moved from what the founding fathers setup to the progressive movement because of poor representation and corruption, what has changed by what the progressives offered except for more central planning which has led to less freedom and liberty.


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