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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

National health care - deficit neutral?

Deficit neutral.

We’re considering health care reform at this point based upon the notion that the new Blue Dog idea being bantered about in Congress is “deficit neutral.”

I wonder how we became so frugal suddenly – just a few short months after passing an alleged stimulus plan, which carried a price tag almost 13 times the size of the national deficit prior to the last presidential election.

So, at present, we have spent almost 10 percent of that – at a little over two trillion, dollars. We are about 1 trillion, 60 billion in the hole. So why should we be worried about these “leaders” we have, tinkering with universal health care? After all, the stated price tag only adds a mere trillion or two more to our country’s balance sheet. We are already so deep in the hole, we can’t pay it back and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

In fact, at present, the national debt, if spread amongst every citizen in the U.S., means if we stopped right now, and everyone paid exactly $37,883 each to the government, we'd break even. The money spent by this government on its’ citizens - with it’s huge pool of tax money - is allegedly now $7,402. I’m not sure where that money is. I haven’t seen some of my neighbors much lately, perhaps they sent them all to Disney World?

But then again, maybe not. Maybe they’re all holed-up in their house, eating MRE’s behind makeshift barricades, sitting on their ammo cans, waiting for the ACORN/census people to come-a-knockin.

Today, so close to the August break for our hard-working, and so underpaid Congressmen, lawmakers are frantically trying to come to some kind of agreement which would allow them to pass a type of health care reform bill before they all go on vacation. It’s amazing.

A huge and growing number of people are against the proposed take-over of the health care system by the U.S. government. But to these lawmakers trying to rush something through, the voices of the regular people don’t matter. They’re worried about getting back to their mansions and sailboats. Their minds are on golf games and tending their investments in clean energy companies. They will not be taking part in the new Health Care plan. They and their families will have a much better system – no long lines to get inside crowded clinics – no tired, soul-crushed bureaucrats, waiting with piles of forms for them to fill out, sitting there behind some smudged, antiseptic soaked window-frame, staring blankly out at the unchanging mass of sick and injured and dying.

Nope. Those Congressmen won’t have to get any of that. That’s all being reserved for you and I. And for the most part, these people don’t care a whit about you or I, or who dies in those waiting lines – or at home, alone.

Consider that despite all the yelling and moaning, the national debt numbers continue to tick over. They are spending their way through billions every minute while we sit and worry about a mere couple trillion more. Don’t believe me? Look at the U.S. National Debt clock at

And now that you’ve seen what these lawmakers have done – and continue to do to us, let’s try a fun little exercise. I call it: Being Mr. Fat Cat.

Come on, sit back and think about smoking that cigar and drinking that scotch they want to take away from you, because they are so concerned about your health. Sit way back in that easy chair and try to imagine yourself as a pampered, grinning Congressman. Your daily affairs are no more than a game to you – who’s trying to cut down who, what the latest rumors are, what’s for lunch – what posh club or spa you’re visiting later in the day – the amazing color of the shirt being worn by that lithe intern – what’s her name?

Yeah, it really is that lame. It’s like they’re all in high school. The only difference is that we’re stuck with their idiot decisions. We are literally paying the bills for the people we thought were assholes when we were in high school. Stunning, isn’t it?

Here’s a prediction. I’ve just decided to stop playing “Mr. Fat Cat,” and instead have switched to my “Dave as Nostradamus” persona. So predictions…

1. Despite all the hand-wringing, the Congress will either stuff something through in the last wee hours – or more likely, they will wait until September because that may give the whole issue a month to cool off. By that time, they likely believe there will be less people following the despicable activity by our country’s leaders. You see, they believe our attention span will wane. We are, after all, just a bunch of dumb peasants to these characters.
2. Our new health care plan will work about as well as the bail-out program did – virtually nothing positive will happen, and in fact things will continue to collapse. Government-run health care will simply destroy the current insurance business and eliminate more jobs. As more companies collapse, the fat cats will simply play more golf – because without private companies as competition, the government basically owns and controls everything.

We’re in trouble. We’re about to be destroyed. We’re about to be destroyed by people under the banner of “helping all the poor amongst us.” They care, you see. Mr. Fat Cat (And Mrs. – or miss or Ms. – or Madame Senator – or whatever the going political correctness says it is) feels deeply for all those millions who can’t get health care. The fat cats are always “working closely” with someone or another. That’s because they really feel for us. They care so much, they are reading every page of every bill. They’re in their offices, hard at work taking calls from their concerned constituents. They are being responsible. That’s why they’re so concerned with making the new nationalized health care bill “deficit neutral.”

Remember that term when you look at the U.S. Debt Clock – “deficit neutral.”


Have we found angels in the form of kings to govern us? Or is Big Brother alive and well in America?

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