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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Need A Hero!

We need a hero.

For so many years, so many truly horrible acts were met with someone capable and true and right, who stepped forward and did what needed to be done. History is filled with devils and demons, but is also balanced with the light and seemingly pure intentions of our heroes.

Where are they now?

Our soldiers are dying and our leaders are once again turning their back. Our government is peeling our freedom away, setting up the foundations for a dictatorship. Our country is in danger not just from Islamic terrorists, but from drug cartels, corrupt businessmen, mad third-world despots and even our own special-interest groups and unions who are negatively influencing the laws, which govern us all. Our currency is losing its worth – the same currency, which was the basis for world commerce.

We are in danger of a massive collapse. We are in danger of losing our country’s identity. We are dying and our government is talking about more efficient light bulbs.

How many heroes decorate our history books, our poetry our shared legends? How many have passed beyond the veil of our knowledge – great warriors and statesmen and healers and even gods whom no one lights candles for and whom no one remembers? Yet now, they all seem silent. Only their lessons, which have made it to present day, remain to inspire and guide us.

But dire circumstances do seem to produce heroes. For the Alamo there was a Crocket and a Jim Bowie, for World War II there was a Churchill and an Eisenhower, for times further in the past there were other great people, some even considered saints – and some who, despite great actions, were obviously anything but saints.

When we don’t have enough heroes, we create stories with fictional ones. The NAZI ubermensch became our own Western idea as Superman. Burroughs created Tarzan and Tolkien created The Hobbit. But for today’s challenges, our imagination seems to fail and reality only brings more bad news day to day.

So where are our heroes? Are the real answers just out of reach – perhaps held in the heart and mind of some working Joe or Jane, or maybe contained in the journals of one of our troops? Or maybe some small businessman just trying to keep his employees paid in an increasingly hostile environment has the makings of a hero - or maybe it will be a farmer or rancher who are today just trying to take care of their family.

But while the heroes are difficult to spot, the villains are easier. They are selling our country, building a dark empire out of a great republic and stealing more of the people’s product and property and liberty to fund their nefarious plans.

Unlike story-time bad guys, they do their deeds in the bright sunlight of day, in full view of everyone. Perhaps they are daring the hero to come into the fight. Perhaps they believe they can continue with no one answering the call. Maybe they believe they can win or that no one will notice.

But we have noticed. And somewhere if there is true justice, the hero is out there watching, getting ready. Maybe they are counting the enemy’s numbers, marking their positions on the field, looking for the right moment and the right place.

Maybe there’s enough of the hero still alive in all of us.

To those who are not doing the will of the people, and instead are selling us out - we’re watching. We are coming.

We are coming for you all.

-We the People.

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