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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taking the piss

Disdain, disrespect - disturbing.
These are three D words playing a part in today’s news. Where and why? Because the country’s leadership refuses to answer to their own constituents in regards to the massive health care reform bill which has passed in the House and if goes into effect, may spell the end for a lot of people.

A fine recent example of this is the recent question posed during a Douglasville town hall meeting in Georgia by a doctor who had attended the meeting. He went after being unable to arrange a meeting with David Scott (D-GA) to discuss his views on the health care reform issue. The meeting was captured on tape by local televison station 11Alive News.

The doctor asks why the Congressman is going to institute a health care plan so similar to the one put in place in Massachusettes, which has been called a failure by many experts.

At first, thoughtfully fingering a pen, Scott replies that he is not voting for any such plan, but when pressed, qualifies that statement by saying “first of all, I haven’t voted on any bill.”

“That’s an easy-out response,” someone calls – perhaps the doctor. In response, Scott holds his hands out and feigns ignorance. But to the follow up question, “Do you support a government-run option,” Scott takes a harder line.

“Yes I do!” exclaims the Congressman, raising his voice, and gesturing sharply with pointed fingers. “I am listening to MY constituents! OK? These are people who live in the 13th Congressional District who vote in this district.”

“That’s who I’ve got to respond to,” called out Scott. “That’s everybody with different opinions!”

Perhaps he should have stopped there – but he didn’t. Looking directly at the doctor he said emphatically, “what you have got to understand is that those of you who are here, who have take and came, and hijacked this event that we’re dealing with here… “

“This is not a health care event,” yelled Scott. “You’ve made the choice to come here!” he yelled louder, pointing his finger sharply at the doctor. “Not a single one of you had the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting. OK? Then do that!”

“DO THAT!” he yelled again stabbing his finger at the crowd. “But DON’T – don’t come and take advantage of what these individuals have done!”

Like some kind of World Wrestling Federation contender, Scott purses his lips and leans in further, finger slashing at the air. “You want a meeting with me on health care? I’ll give it to you!”

The important thing to realize is that our leadership is demanding that we treat them with greater respect – but Hill’s questions weren’t especially tough – nor did they seem accusatory in any way. But respect is a two way street and this kind of behavior by our alleged representatives is only fanning the flames of discontent.

The meeting had been opened up to all questions from the assembled citizens, so it was a reasonable line of questions to ask Scott. But apparently the Congressman didn’t think so – and he apparently didn’t know his 13th District folks as well as he claimed, because Doctor Brian Hill is one of Scott’s constituents.

He’s not a member of a mob. He’s not “Astroturf.” He’s not even a Republican. But he is a urologist.

Tough luck, because in Britain they would say he was “taking the piss” at Scott.

Weird, how things sometimes work out.


You can see the clip of this whole thing at this link…

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