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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Government study projects failure of Cap and Trade

A new study by the federal government, commissioned by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Rep. Edward Markey of (D-MA), and perhaps intended as a weapon against opponents of Pelosi’s national energy tax, has instead, blown up in their faces.

The Study by the Energy Information Administration, which provides official energy statistics from the U.S. Government itself, addresses the economic impacts of H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

This act, the televised circus-like passing in the House of Representatives, of which started the Jolly Rogers website, is a complex bill that regulates greenhouse gas emissions through various mechanisms, incentives and programs.

The study found that electric bills for the average household will increase dramatically – between 19 and 30 percent and even with the rosiest of scenarios – that is, a proliferation of clown cars across America by 2030, there will only be between a 12 and 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

According to the government study, Cap and Trade “increases the cost of using energy, which reduces real economic output, reduces purchasing power, and lowers aggregate demand for goods and services. The result is that projected real gross domestic product (GDP) generally falls…”

This means, that an American household with a bill of $70 a month, will see that cost balloon to nearly $100 – and all this while they are dutifully cruising around in their clown cars, and trying to pay for these things without jobs. The study seems to agree with previous work by the Heritage Foundation and the National Black Chamber of Commerce – both which found that “cap and trade” could destroy as many as 2.5 million jobs.

In fact EIA projects total discounted GDP losses between 2012 and 2030 to be about $566 billion on the low side, with a potential loss of nearly $1,897 billion.

And it doesn’t stop there. According to the government’s own most recent study – commissioned by the very people trying to force this energy program onto the public, the whole thing requires the U.S. “significantly increase the total amount of new electric capacity due to the retirement of many existing coal-fired power plants that otherwise would be expected to continue operating beyond 2030."

So, for this wonderful utopian plan to work, the citizens have to absorb higher and higher bills, drive smaller and smaller cars, build an entire grid of new electric-producing stations and destroy all the old ones – across the entire nation. And we must do it while more and more families lose their main source of income.

Lastly – and here’s the capper – the EIA study found that this new energy substitute requires that in “all cases” site and planning processes must be changed so that they can “support a large-scale transformation of the Nation’s electricity infrastructure by 2030.”

So all those pesky public hearings which have been necessary in the past, before the government begins to build a particular project – all that would need a bit of work. Basically, we’d have to just allow the government to seize whatever land they want, so they can begin building immediately.

The study summary ends with this paragraph:

Challenges beyond 2030. As previously noted, the modeling horizon for this analysis ends in 2030. Unless substantial progress is made in identifying low- and no-carbon technologies outside of electricity generation, the ACESA emissions targets for the 2030-to-2050 period are likely to be very challenging as opportunities for further reductions in power sector emissions are exhausted and reductions in other sectors are thought to be more expensive.

So can anyone explain to me with numbers and facts like these, why this even passed through the House? Is there any explanation for even a few people to continue to support this? Is it likely that the other countries producing massive amounts of greenhouse gasses, will sign on to this kind of a plan as well? Because if you accept the global warming scenario, you have to remember the most important term in there – “global.” Without global support, a program like this in the U.S. will simply bankrupt the country – of course, we already are bankrupt. The alleged stimulus plan did that.

For the rest of you out there, just barely making it from month to month with your $70 electric bill – hold on. Just hang in there. Change will come. Not “change we can believe in,” but real change. The storm is upon us – today is a hard day, a cold day, and the darkness is upon us. And we must fight the battle of our lives in the long night. But one day the sun will rise, and we will recognize each other in the warmth of a golden morning - and we will breathe again as a truly free people.

And for you in the ivory towers – you Congressmen – our alleged leadership, know this:

We are coming for you. We are coming for you all.

-We The People.


The complete EIA study of the results of H.R. 2454, should it pass into law and become active are here:

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