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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


How much is enough?
Do we continue to allow the elitist, rat leadership to press more taxes and more regulation onto the backs of us all? Do we allow these prancing, preening, rat Congressmen and their buddies to strut across town hall stages and treat us - their constituents with derision and disdain?

Do we just allow these impossible plans to be put into place? Do we allow the erosion of America to continue unchallenged?

I have repeatedly said in these columns that our situation here in the United States most closely resembles the plot-lines of science fiction novels. I believe we are circling the drain. It used to be that society could focus on a single terrible current-day thing, and we could wring our collective hands or roll-up our collective sleeves and get into producing solutions that were real. We could do something.

In my opinion, with so many things going wrong, so quickly, and with an overwhelming, information transfer speed, some folks are likely facing functional paralysis due to the numbing continuity of bad news. Are many of our politicians crooked - of course. Are we facing these troubles without appropriate representation - in most cases, yes. Are we seeing situations, which can escalate to something really bad – yes. Are we looking at a future where monitoring of anyone at any time is legal and done regularly – a time when health care rationing and “death panels” are both common practice - yes.

Are we seeing people shouted down both on town hall stages and in the audiences, and can we look forward to a time when dissenting citizens are pushed out by police - or hired security – yes.

Lastly, is the government currently looking at ways to engage in censorship and are there plans to indoctrinate our children in the thought-police, Orwellian philosophies, many of these leaders embrace – yes.

We are continually told to be civil and respectful in our discourse with the poor, frightened leadership – some of them so frightened that they can’t bring themselves to attend a meeting with the regular people at all. They simply can’t wait to get back to their pampered, secure existence in the clean, quiet, secure confines of their Washington offices. They want to stroll the soft-carpeted hallways of their government buildings unhindered. And of course, they do not think it necessary to be respectful to us, nor do they believe it necessary to think about any of us at all, as they leave us here in our damaged communities with our collapsing economy and closing businesses.

Make no mistake – everything is due to their actions. And they should be held accountable.

So while the regular media keeps repeating “civility” and “respect,” I am suggesting the time for that has past. If they won’t listen to the people – if they refuse to carry out the wishes of the regular folks, then I hope their voices are drowned in the roar of discontent. I hope their propaganda is washed away by the white water of angry letters, FOIA requests, ethics complaints and other imaginative civil actions.

Rise up! Do something! Write blogs, letters, emails, newspaper articles – anything to keep these people who do not have our best interests in mind, off-balance and scrambling.

I hope the regular people don’t give this fight up easily.

But mostly, I hope for a successful march on DC – and more demonstrations and marching until these deaf rats hear our requests. On September 12, 2009, the modern day Boston Tea Party will roll through the streets of Washington. A movement of average people, which was initially dismissed by our leadership as “astroturf” has grown to immense proportions and now will wash through the streets of the capital in one incredible day. Go to the site, offer support, donate or buy some of their 912 gear. Their website is located at :

But before you go there, have a look at the following list – especially if you’re a congressman or other member of our country’s alleged leadership. These are the groups supporting the march on Washington: The Freedom Works Foundation, National Taxpayers Union, Tea Party Patriots,, Institute for Liberty,,, We The People Revolution, The Club for Growth, Young Americans for Liberty, SmartGirl Politics, Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights,, Campaign for Liberty, Leadership institute, Free Republic, Tea Party Nation, Young America’s Foundation, Bureau Crash, Center for Individual Freedom, Parcmobile, Americans for Tax Reform, American Liberty Alliance, Citizens against Government Waste, Liberty or Death and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Those are just some of the major contributors to the march. You may feel free to add to the list of those memberships, the thousands of regular unaffiliated people who will be joining them. Then you should imagine the immense numbers of people sitting at home – not because they don’t want to be there – but because they can’t afford the trip.

And they can’t afford it, due to the actions and inactions of our jet-setting, 5-star vacationing, elitist, rat leadership.

But we are here and we are real and it is us who will be voting you all out of office. We are coming for you.

We are coming for you all.

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