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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bill of mystery - IDs and Black Helicopters

I know who I am.

Robert Heinlein once wrote, “when a society starts using ID cards, it’s time to leave.” This was a quote he attributed to one of his science fiction characters. Isn’t it odd that so much science fiction has so much relevance in today’s world?

Taking center stage on today’s parade of fact which should be fiction, is the Senate bill, 1261. Sponsored by Daniel Akaka (D-HI), 1261 ostensibly seeks to set minimum requirements for State’s driver’s licenses and ID cards. But in fact, it shifts much of the authority from the State to the Federal level by prohibiting a Federal agency from accepting for any official purposes, a State ID card.

So, if your current state ID would be made useless by this bill, what would your shiny, new federal ID card do for you?

Would it get you into the fancy clubs with the long-legged blondes? Probably not. Would it give you immunity from prosecution like some kind of ambassadorial thing? Nope. Would it get you a discount at Borders? Not a chance – not even at one of the other book stores. Will it make any part of your life easier?

Nope. But it will prevent some unsavory characters from killing you in imaginative ways – and it might prevent some illegal aliens from getting paperwork which makes them look legal.

First, it will assist in preventing people using fake IDs to board passenger aircraft, get access to nuclear power plants or facilities that contain mission functions critical to national security. Not a bad deal in my book.

Second, it will make it very difficult for people who are here illegally to acquire an ID card and subsequently use it to obtain the trappings of other documentation, normally reserved for legal citizens.

So, who is opposing this? Well, about who you might expect. The Senators in opposition are McCain, Boxer, Reid, Clinton, Kennedy. The good question is, why?

I believe this has to do with constituents and their family members and just personal beliefs regarding amnesty, perhaps. Because as hard as I have tried to find some kind of George Orwell thing inside this bill, I just don’t see it.

The primary effect of this will be to put the squeeze on fake IDs – and documentation, which is invariably obtained by non-citizens in possession of a fake-ID.

So what’s the rub, then?

Some groups claim that the new IDs would contain a “bio-metric” chip, which would incorporate a retinal print or thumb-print. The going rumors are that the new cards will “require a radio frequency chip.” So, that got me to wondering if it was the same chip THEY are using to track cattle in the whole UFO cattle mutilation thing.

Look, there’s enough negative juju out there without manufacturing more. If this bill was another type of power grab – some kind of method to steal personal data, I would love to skewer it and everyone connected to it. But, the evidence is not there. Don’t believe me? Are you just sure that your new ID card will shunt your info through Black Helicopter headquarters? Then please do what we are literally screaming for these Congressional idiots and Administration pukes, to do. Read the damn bill.

Then complain if you’re still seeing Black Helicopters.

But what might be better is to keep the focus on the real “Dr. No” kind of stuff – the real liberty-enders are in the realm of universal health care and Cap and Trade. That’s the bad stuff, and that’s where we really lose our identity.

That’s the kind of stuff where we wake up one day and begin to wonder who we are.

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