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Friday, August 14, 2009

Messages - all lies from the administration

Quality affordable care you can count on.
Change we can believe in.

Sound familiar? Sound similar, even?

That’s because it is the same kind of lies. We sit and watch the Congressional circus as it is brought to town-hall meetings across the U.S. Featured at these amazing events are performers like Senator Specter and the cell-phone fast-draw specialist, Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)– now claiming the video of her using her cell phone in the middle of a question by a constituent, was “doctored”

Interesting choice of words, because Sheila knows doctors – at another meeting she is captured on tape embracing a Dem Party shill who was masquerading as a doctor. Roxana Mayer, the woman in Jackson’s meeting claimed to be a practicing pediatric primary care physician. Mayer doesn’t even live in Jackson Lee’s district. Who accompanied Mayer to the meeting? Someone named Maria Isabel, an Obama campaign devotee.

Not a very fine moment.

The question is, what is the truth behind the marketing? It seems there isn’t much truth at all. When one catch-phrase no longer works, it is simply changed to something else. Call it universal health care until that label draws too much fire – then you have to call it something else. Call citizen movements “Astroturf,” until that particular stamp loses its’ punch. Then the terminology is changed to “Chattering Class” or “Evil-doers” or “Angry Mobs.”

The rip-tide currents of marketing are all around us as White House spokesman Gibbs continues to dance. Derisiveness is pervasive and popularity is plummeting for both the programs and the leadership itself.

Still, people like Jackson Lee get on national television and suggest she would like to meet the woman who she ignored while taking the call on her cell phone, and “convince” her that the health care reform bill will help her. A syndicated columnist then writes that people shouting at these meetings should just sit down and be quiet, because there are other people there who came to “learn” something.

So, the few leaders with the guts to show up at the meetings instead of not participating in public forum, like Rep. Mark Schauer (D-MI) – or maybe worse, phoning in, like Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) – seem to believe they are coming out here on their August break, to educate us.

That’s quite a reversal. Our alleged elected representatives are making the long, bumpy carriage-ride out to the peasantry to provide instruction. They are here to teach us and convince us. They are coming to these meetings with their minds already made up. They have no intention of listening to the people or carrying out their wishes. They are coming down to us from their lofty perches like kings and queens and self-proclaimed deities. They expect us to nod and smile, bow and curtsy, but not to disagree. Dissent is not allowed – dissent is suddenly not patriotic.

But marketing is.

Jackson Lee allegedly dialed a Congressional hotline to get more details from a health care war-room located in Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD), office. This office is supposed to be there to help lawmakers answer questions.


Obama’s ever-present tele-prompters are just more marketing. The unceasing advertisements imploring viewers to side with one party or another on the health care issue – it’s all marketing. We ask for action, we ask for representation and we are instead insulted, ignored and talked to as if we are school children.

When asked a tough question as to how specific people were selected to receive Axlerod’s email yesterday (one of which I received), the spokesman, Gibbs again tries to dance around the question. When pressed, he selects another reporter, labeling Major Garrett’s question as “unproductive.”

Where did the addresses come from – probably from a list, which has been compiled by the White House. Compiled from where, from what – and for what purpose? Because of media bias, the spokesman isn’t required to answer. There is no accountability. They can say whatever they want.

They’re telling us so many things. Even when their messages are less direct than the Axelrod email, they are saturating the environment with messages in many different subtle forms. It’s all marketing – all PR communication of one type or another – all speaking to us continually.

And what is being said to us – it’s all lies.

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