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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More on NM candidate, Adam Kokesh

Someone recently wrote to me on behalf of Adam Kokesh, who is running for Congress, 3rd District, New Mexico. Since I live in New Mexico, Kokesh is of interest to me.

The individual fortunately corrected me on a error in fact which I had previously in one of my articles – that John McCain had not been a Medal of Honor winner. His e-mail to me is shown below:

I stumbled upon your blog by accident, but as a service member and lover of liberty I was compelled to comment on "Rat #2 Adam Kokesh". I wanted to comment on a few items mentioned in your blog post, and by the one comment which you have added to the right side of your main page.

1) John McCain is not a Medal of Honor recipient.

2) In light of his terrible voting record on veterans issues, frequently cited by vets in the know during the campaign season, and his efforts to cover up the abandonment of untold numbers of Vietnam POWs; McCain is more of a disgrace to the military than Kokesh.

3) After giving your site a once over, I find it odd that you criticize President Obama and others for Socialism, and yet ignore McCain's socialist tendencies. Do you not recall him "suspending his compaign" to help the senate rush through a socialist bailout? Anyone who limited their voting options in '08 to the Republican and Democratic nominees were truly choosing between a Warmongering Socialist and a Socialistic Warmonger!

I personally find your arguments against Kokesh to be poor. Your right that he must have been a fool to thing he could smuggle a pistol back from deployment, but I don't see that mistake as weighty enough to keep him out of government. I also don't place any significance on his demotion or the type of discharge, as they were a result of this same mistake.

I realize that it is unlikely that I will change your opinion of Adam Kokesh, as I suspect that they are actually rooted in his opposition to our current immoral wars and the manner in which he has spoken out against them.

Feel free to reply if you like.

The response to the three points made by this individual, in support of Adam Kokesh is shown here:

REF: Adam Kokesh

What I have found:

Ref: #1 - you are correct. I got him (John McCain) confused with the first Vietnam POW. I have subsequently gone back to make sure my references are correct. McCain did win: a Silver Star, a Legon of Merit for Valor, a Distinguished Flying Cross, three Bronze Stars, two Commendation medals and two Purple hearts as well as a dozen service medals.

Ref: #2 - Schanberg, who's article you used as a reference in "efforts to cover-up abandonment of Vietnam POWs," is an interesting reference, as he is noted for his support of the Communist-backed governments during the Vietnam War. In fact, his coverage of Cambodia was why he received his Pulitzer Prize. Here's a quote from Schanberg:

"Wars nourish brutality and sadism, and sometimes certain people are executed by the victors but it would be tendentious to forecast such abnormal behavior as a national policy under a Communist government once the war is over." I suspect, he might have been a little off-track on that one. His other writing exploits included interesting coverage in Penthouse and the Village Voice and lend Schanberg a strong liberal spin. However, despite this, I will still explore the "efforts" portion of #2 - and attempt to interview Kokesh on the matter as well. It will take some time, and I doubt Kokesh would be up for an interview anyway. But I will pursue the story.

Your suggestion that McCain is more of a disgrace than Adam Kokesh is your subjective opinion. However, please list Kokesh's military accomplishments and his awards and citations and we may then compare them to McCain's in an objective list. I think little Adam may come out a bit behind on that one. If you don't want to go there, I understand. It would seem - as you accused me of - you would be "unlikely to change your opinion."

Ref #3 - Glad you noticed my criticism of Obama and friends for Socialism. They are the ones currently in-charge of the country, and are indeed in need of replacement. McCain's suspension of his campaign was a poor choice. That choice certainly contributed to him losing the race and subsequently he should have taken that into account. Your last sentence suggests that perhaps you voted for an alternative candidate. And your reference to the others - and your last sentence in reference to my own views might mean you are in opposition to these wars and to Democrats and Republicans - as is your right.

However, I find my arguments against Kokesh to be valid. He was a fool when he attempted to smuggle a firearm back from deployment and he was a fool when he performed "Street Theater" in uniform. I wonder if he's still a fool? Please see the paragraph from my previous article below:

"Then, to add insult to injury, this character is caught engaging in street theater, while in uniform (something which he narrowly beat in court because the Uniform Code of Military Justice doesnt apply to Inactive Ready Reserve). His response to the Marine Corps when they contacted him regarding this was a letter which he ended with, ... ask you to please kindly, go f**ck yourself.

The Marine Corps took out the hammer and brought this guy and his buddies before a tribunal. In fact, on his website, he claims an "honorable" discharge in 2006, but conveniently forgets to mention that a military tribunal downgraded this guy to a general discharge a year later (a status below honorable, but not "other than honorable," which would have caused him to lose access to VA services and forced him to pay back more than $10,000 in educational benefits he collected while getting his BA degree.) Of course, he appealed the decision and that appeal was denied."

Now if Kokesh had addressed these incidents up-front on his website, I would certainly view him in a different light. I would see him then as an individual who had made one or two mistakes - albeit really dumb ones - but who was presenting himself honestly and trying to move forward without the kind of PR babble which has given us the current idiots in the administration and Congress.

Maybe he's addressed these issues - and please let me know if he has or does.

Also, let me know if I can be of further service in addressing any other questions or comments.


Also in reference to Kokesh, is another interesting blog site which can be found: HERE.

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