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Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Gored

First, I must apologize for this. I had intended to enter the Christmas holiday on an upbeat note - and leave it that way until after Christmas, but since Congress and all the government yuckies seem to be carrying on trying to kill us all, I thought I should maybe continue writing. Anyone who has a problem with this should take it up with the country's leadership. If they wouldn't keep screwing up - I wouldn't have to keep writing.


Getting Gored.

That has a completely new meaning these days, doesn’t it?

It used to be that only rodeo participants and the folks running with the bulls in Spain, had to worry about such a thing. Now, it is possible that anyone could be Gored. Of course, in this case, we’re talking about being Al Gored.

It’s an interesting phenomena, because it includes elements of truth and trust – almost faith – in the wide scope of the story. The interesting part is that our country is at the brink, courtesy of the “Green Machine,” and it is frightening, because we are still there, waiting for the shove, which will send us flailing toward the white-capped waves below.

But it feels engineered. The entire mess has the texture of planning, and this is only reinforced as we look at those in the middle of it all: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all the other skin-walkers in Congress, a president who can only speak if he’s spoon-fed the words by his handlers via tele-prompter, big bankers, big businesses, and now even scientists as a whole.

Bummer about the scientists. I always liked those guys.

But it seems the poop-bomb named Gore may get them all. With even media outlets, which usually side with these characters, reporting some of the facts, the tide seems to be changing. But it isn’t over yet, so don’t relax. It is still possible to be Gored.

As a former reporter I follow the old-school, tried and true idea – follow the money. It is sadly not entirely possible in this environment, because so much money just disappeared with TARP and threatens to drop down various rabbit holes through the application of health care reform and Cap and Trade. But you can sort of apply the “follow-the-money” idea via the Nobel Prize – recent peace prize laureates to include Al Gore and President Obama. Why did they win these prizes? That part is a bit hazy.

But what’s not hazy is how much money Gore, a partner from Goldman Sachs, actually was able to stash during his campaign to save the world. How much is he worth after all this? Nearly 100 million is the answer to that, despite promising Congress in hearings over the years, that his foundation was donating all money to furthering the global warming movement.

Today our President makes claims that an “important agreement” has been achieved in Copenhagen’s “save the world” summit. Apparently he hasn’t yet noticed the rest of the country – in fact, a growing majority of the population – has not only given up on the idea of global warming, but are going out of their way to express their distaste for the whole thing.

Money drives it all, dear reader. Money drives the big financial groups to back the alternative energy groups which in-turn, back Obama and his administration which in turn, can create an environment that they can all flourish in. Money drives these groups to marginalize those who might represent a threat to the whole scheme by either exposing the impossible numbers, the bad science, or the reality that energy independence can be achieved without dismantling the system, and health care reform can be achieved by hammering down some of the lawyers instead of threatening to force the population to buy into the government scheme. Money drives witless PR morons like Gore to carry on spouting ridiculous crap, while the rest of the thinking world ponders the extent of the corruption. And money in the form of grants and government funding causes the scientists involved in the scandal to sacrifice their ethics.

Of course, now that we are on the brink of passing legislation to provide government with more power over the regular people, we face the biggest poop-bomb of all in the dash for the cash.

You see, we have always wondered what an extinction-level event might be. Would it be an asteroid from space, a gamma ray burst, aliens, something a bit more biblical like a flood or the Rapture? Or would it be an ice-age or a global warming sweatbox?

Of course, now we know the truth.

We will all be Gored to death.

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