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Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Marine Corps custom knife done.

Here's a knife I just completed for a good friend. This is the Rogers CQBT - Marine Model. Thought all you Marines out there would enjoy having a look. If you want something like this for your Marine, send me an e-mail at

This is AUS8 super steel with designer G10 phenolic laminate scales. .178 inches thick, this knife is made for the toughest environments and the hardest duty. Forget those Hunting and Fishing store wonders, military issue knives and that department store crap. This is a knife for real adventures in the real world. The steel is cryogenically treated in the tempering process, to 360 degrees below zero to produce maximum toughness. We have field and torture tested these - and they are incredible.

The sheath can be configured with a variety of tools including a sharpener, compass, fire-starter, light, etc.

My other knives can be seen at

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  1. Beautiful knife! What material did you use for the handle?


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