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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Climate poop

Limousines are being brought in from Germany and Sweden, because there simply aren’t enough in Copenhagen for the rich and powerful to motor around town in, during the “summit to save the world.”

On a normal day in the city, the number of limos cruising around might be counted in the low double digits. But for the climate summit there will be as many as 2,000. Makes you wonder what they’re doing about parking, doesn’t it?

And how many electric clown cars will be seen at this “green” holy of holies?

Just five.

There are no hybrids in Denmark due to outrageous taxes. But taxes are the least of their problems this week as 15,000 delegates, 5,000 journalists and an alleged 98 world leaders along with a batch of Hollywood actors and actresses, have stuffed the top hotels – all at nearly $1,000 a night.

The summit designed to convince or force the regular population of folks in the world to live on less and be happy because all this frugality is going to save mother Earth – is actually an orgy of self-indulgence. Meanwhile, the “unwashed” are beginning to clog the streets – coming from communities all over Europe to protest the Climate gods. Allegedly, Denmark has just got hold of its’ very own water cannon, just in case things get out of control – crowd-wise, that is. Sweeping new police powers have been enacted and a disused brewery has been turned into a temporary prison with 360 cages.

Thank God. They’re going to save the world.

So what, you might ask, will all this jet-setting produce? According to statements from various leaders, it is basically meaningless – just a statement of intent. No huge, instantaneous reductions of carbon will be called for – just wide, fuzzy targets of some fuzzy percentage by 2050 – by which time, Al Gore will be dead, along with all the leaders of the Copenhagen thing – and I will either be too old to care or gone from this world as well.

So why do I even bother to write about it? I do so because climate change is a lie. Those involved in this “summit” with their $1,000 a night hotel rooms, their fleets of limos and tons of caviar, are either fools or the fooled. Scientists have been shown via e-mails, to be involved in a conspiracy to hide true data and instead present falsehoods. The entire notion of climate change is in the toilet, where it should have been to begin with. All we have left to do is flush it. And maybe we shouldn’t even use a low-flow ceramic wonder. No, we should flush it with one of those high-powered thrones which use 500 gallons of water each time the lever is pulled. And we should scrub down the remaining deck with that Danish water cannon, just in case we missed a few spots.

The few media outlets reporting the questionable aspects of it, still ask why the main body of the public seems against the concept of climate change. The going notion seems to be that we little people out here, are viewing the climate thing as some kind of weirdo religion in which the participants have set themselves up as altruistic saviors, viewing the rest of us as unclean saboteurs.

But I know why so many people are not climbing on board the green crazy train. I even know why I’m seeing more old hot-rods and Ford trucks on the streets here in the U.S. I know why I’m seeing fewer “O”bama stickers on bumpers and more and more FTWs and other less critical commentary on our government and the world-government ideas in general.

It is because we know. All the slick advertising and shiny people – and all the machinations of our leadership are meaningless in the face of this simple truth. We know. We can feel the lie sitting heavy in our gut, and we are disgusted by it. And while our U.S. president attends this charade, we simple, regular people out here, far away from all the pomp and circumstance are simply sickened by it all.

Time to make a trip to the John. Do something constructive for a change with a little project we've all been working on.

Don’t forget to flush.

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