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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Cornerstone of Our Country is at Risk of Destruction

By Iron Bard
Special to the Jolly Rogers

The time no longer draws nigh... the time is upon us. The future of our Country teeters on the fulcrum of freedom.

We've been going to Tea Parties, Townhalls, and Council meetings. We've been writing on our blogs and venting our frustrations in blasts of 140 characters or less. We've been calling, writing, faxing our Congress; talking to neighbors, friends, and family. We've been protesting outside media outlets, local, State, and Federal offices. We've been begging for our elected leaders to hear us. And now, one of those leaders has not only heard us but has answered us by opening the door to the House and inviting us to enter. If we don't accept her invitation and cross that threshold we deserve exactly what we will get: an ObamaNation.

Few members of Congress have taken our pleas seriously. We have been called tea baggers, astroturfers, radicals, and extremists. If loving my Country and the freedom she stands for means I am all of those of things then so be it. I wear those epithets proudly.

Our Country is being usurped and unless we take our stand now, she could be irretrievably abducted. Michele Bachmann is right. Speaker Pelosi's Health Care bill is the crown jewel of socialism. Progressives, aka Repressives, have always known that to take over a people it has to be done in the dark of night while they lay sleeping. For too long Americans have slumbered in their freedom. We became an apathetic people not wishing to see the light that was being snuffed out of our Constitution. Pelosi's Health Care bill has little to do with actual health and everything to do with socialism and the corruption it is founded on. And this coming week, our freedom will slip out of our grasp and onto the floor of the House of Representatives if we let it.

We can stop this. But it will take more than phone calls, letter, and faxes. We have to show up on the steps of the Capitol on Thursday, November 5, 2009 and storm thru the hallways of our elected officials. We have to knock them from their self-erected thrones and show them we say what we mean and mean what we say. Unless we heed Rep. Bachmann's call to action then the freedom's we grew up with, the freedoms our fathers, grandfathers, and Founding Fathers fought hard to attain for us will be gone. And unless we heed her call, we deserve what we get.

The time is now. If we put this off because of our responsibilities at home, then we will lose the liberty to attend to those responsibilities. We will no longer be working to provide for our families. We will no longer be striving for our own goals. We will no longer be free to follow the path of self-determination. If we don't heed the call, everything from here on out we will be doing for our government; not our Country... our government- and all the connotations that surround a socialized institution.

This is it. This is our moment in time. This is that point in history for which we will be judged by our children, grandchildren, and all who follow. We can turn this bloodless revolution around and save our country.

I will be joining Rep. Bachmann on the Capitol steps and I will march thru the hallways of Congress. I will also be taking copies of the five pledges for each member of Congress to sign. For those who refuse to sign, I will publish their names and their comments.

I will not let this country's cornerstone - The Constitution - be destroyed by corrupt men and women whose only goal is greed and power over the very people who put them in office. If you don't stand up now, while standing up is still possible, when will you?

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