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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

World to end. Sorry.

The Aztek calendar suggests that the last day for mankind is Dec. 24, 2011. There's a little time left, though, and the Mayan calendar gives you an extra year - until Dec. 21, 2012...just enough time to see if Obama will be reelected, I think. There will be a galactic alignment in 2012, also, which we should be able to see if the Aztecs had it wrong. Of course, if it's a biblical ending, we're really in for it - you know; all the trumpeting and pale horses, seals being broken, and dead people coming back to life, walking around, getting judged, etc. On the other hand, if it's a cool scientific ending, half the globe will be fried by a gamma ray burst and everyone else will go out slowly over the next week or two (better buy some sunblock with an spf of 1 million). Then again, we could be hit by an asteroid - we should call up Bruce Willis now and get him ready. Anyway, this handy clock is set to remind you how long you have. Everyone dies, sorry.
Dress warm


Oh, by the way - here's a good end of the world movie - not for the kiddies, though. Definitely adults only. Just in case you need a run-through in preparation, or some ideas for how to spend your last hours, etc. - "Last Night" starring Jessica Booker and Genevieve Bujold. I saw it accidentally one night - late - real late... while the other channels were playing paid advertisements for weight-loss and house-cleaning products.

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