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Monday, September 28, 2009

The "Perfect Idea" Project receives its' first

I don't have a brilliant thought for you, but I'll tell you this:

I was a single mother, NYC English teacher by day, who went to school nights to get the pre-reqs for med school. Needless to say I worked my ass off. One more child, 4 yrs of med school, 4 yrs of residency, & 4 yrs of treating the severely mentally ill later and I'm in no mood to sit around and let a corrupt, swaggering thug & his ilk take over my country.

There are peopIe in great need. But I see first hand the well-nursed sub-culture of dependency, & also the slugs sucking whatever they can get out of the system. The system makes acute mental illness chronic by feeding it's dependency and giving people no need to strive. I see what it is I carry on my back. These corporations & politicos, they're no different, they're just at a different level. They're chronically ill with greed & corruption. They're so far gone from any ethics, morality, or honor they may once have possessed, their illness is rotely ingrained in their souls. We carry them on our backs as well, & they will suck Americans dry and use our own belief system, & our loving, giving spirit to do so.

My daughter's talking in her sleep right now, she's such a beautiful soul. I'll fight my bitterness and fatigue to keep her heart pure, & I'll fight for my country, too.

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