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Friday, September 25, 2009

The makings of war

How much clearer does it need to be?

The generals in-theater are calling for more troops to deal with Afghanistan. Let’s not try to say that this will produce a final solution, because there is no finality in our constantly changing world. Let’s not even try to say that sending in a “surge” of troops will provide an opportunity to duplicate the success in Iraq. It’s a totally different situation.

But we can say without any doubt that without the needed manpower, death and mayhem are a certainty and our children and grandchildren, mothers and fathers in the service now are being put in harm’s way for the worst reason in the world – politics.

And what of Iran? Did anyone really not see that one coming – the discovery of a “secret” nuclear weapons facility? Wow. I wasn’t even part of the CIA’s Remote Viewing program and I could see that one coming. Any idiot could. Chimps in city zoos around the country were probably discussing how many such facilities exist in Iran and what the potential yield of an Iranian nuke would be.

It doesn’t take great intellect to realize that a president flying around the world making great apologies to former adversaries while snubbing our long-time allies, does not change the way of things. Just consider how long the whackjobs imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay have sat there in their special country club doing their social networking with each other and basically getting better treatment than some U.S. citizens.

Oh to be sure there were interrogations and all that water boarding – basically body-surfing without the waves or the beach, but in all that time, they kept their belief system. Many of them upon release returned to old hobbies, trying to kill Americans. If you had the chance to convince the terrorists involved in 9/11 that their way of life and their beliefs were morally wrong and that they shouldn’t go through with the attacks, how well do you think that would have worked out? Anyone ready to attempt a missionary effort to fly into the mountains of Afghanistan and re-educate the Taliban?

The new 12-step program for whackjobs – yeah, baby. It’s coming to a madrassa near you. Just kidding. Such a thing doesn’t exist – just in case some folks are out there reading this and nodding their heads “oh yeah we can do this.”

Here’s the truth of this, folks: There is no such thing as effective negotiations with any whackjobs, regardless of their religion or society, unless it is happening with a very big military deterrent and an iron-clad, hard-edged, powerful resolve. But this isn’t just about Muslims. Remember, the Western nations and Christian religion has produced some pretty amazing kooks too.

So what’s the solution? We need a larger military force. We need to continue to wipe out the Taliban in Afghanistan and we need to continue to destroy terrorists wherever they are found. We need to leave the professionals and the hard men to do their jobs in interrogations and we should immediately stop the second-guessing. We need to forget for the moment about “green” anything, develop our own oil sources and drop whole sections of law regarding small business restrictions and taxation, to really create jobs.

And we need to forget health care reform for now and focus seriously on the action happening in the world around us.

Iran will attack Israel when they get the first opportunity – and they only need to score one hit with a nuclear warhead. Israel won’t wait for that – they will preemptively strike if necessary. And if our President has the stones for it, he will order the Navy to set up shop nearby in case fast action is needed.

But make no mistake; Iran’s leadership is looking for an excuse to engage. They want Armageddon, because according to their particular brand of belief, this will hasten the arrival of their savior. And that kind of a fight will pull in the Russians and Chinese who will certainly continue to do business with the whackjobs, putting them directly at odds with us.

In that kind of situation, everybody takes sides.

It’s called World War, and it’s happened twice before

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