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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brave and Free

So Van Jones is gone.

I go on vacation for seven days and I miss a great opportunity. I was going to describe to you, my dear reader, the despicable actions and comments by the “Green Czar.” I was going to rail against the insanity of having not only an avowed Communist as advisor to the President, but also a guy you wouldn’t trust to collect your mail while you were away, let alone, determine the course of the nation as it applies to environmentalism.

And I really missed the best bit of all – when it was discovered that he signed a document requesting an investigation into 911 – because it might have been a government conspiracy. Yep. Did I mention how very smart this guy was supposed to be, and how White House officials just gushed over how lucky they were to have him on board?

Then, just like that, he’s gone. Resigned – jumped or thrown over the side, with a new set of concrete shoes – destination; Davy Jones’ locker.

But this should come as no surprise. There’s more than 30 of these people – unaccounted for as far as their backgrounds are concerned. The administration is chock full of “hired guns,” who no one is keeping track of – except for possibly the Fox News guy, Glenn Beck.

But I felt a need to add my two cents on this one, and was thinking about it during the past several days in which my wife and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, so here it is:

We are the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” And I think a lot of people simply forget that. Fat, lazy, dismissive Congressmen forget it when they wave aside questions and tell people they “make the rules, because this is THEIR town hall meeting.” Really?

Our president forgets it when he has to change his entire speech and presentation to our young people still in school, because the original tack – which is evidenced by the propaganda materials sent out to those same schools in advance, is met by angry parents – and even some schools who refuse to use any of it. And Obama perhaps forgets the freedom part when he tries to push outrageous transformation onto the rest of us, through massive, unwanted, unexamined government programs - a Big Brother country.

That special line is certainly forgotten by these Czars who prance and preen in front of the cameras, and yet wield the full-power of the Executive Branch, without ever having to be vetted.

Our leadership certainly forgets the “brave” part when they duck meetings with their constituents, but forget they are sending our sons and daughters into harms way, so that they can keep their plush offices and fat-cat paychecks and benefits.

Our media forgets the “freedom” part when they adopt bias and deliver only the story they are being “paid” to deliver. They forget we have lived free because of old-school newspaper, radio and TV reporters who were unafraid to bring the real story – who developed sources, chased down real facts and made a difference. They forget the “freedom” part when they air video of a dying soldier – one of the very soldiers who stand on “the line” to protect their right to live – to actually draw breath, eat, have a job, raise a family in peace and prosperity.

And I think some of the other folks in our population; the environmentalists, the bankers, the big business GE-style folks and even some of the regular people are forgetting both words as they accept big government payouts and do their deals in the dark places where there are no witnesses.

But the light is coming.

If you’re shocked by the brief history of Van Jones on the U.S. Government roles, just keep watching. The avalanche has started. The whole political landscape is about to change, because “We the People” did not forget those words, and we still believe in them. We have lived and will always live by them. We have fought for them, sacrificed for them and our parents and grandparents have lived and worked and fought for them.

Freedom and Bravery.

You out there who believe this is trite, meaningless babble – well, you’ll probably never understand. You’ll never internalize any of it. You won’t feel it in your blood, you won’t hear it in the wind, and you won’t ever be willing to trade your blood or breath for these things. Your words are hollow. Your voice is thin. Your actions are more deserving of pity than fear.

For those of you who do believe in these two words, however, don’t think that decay and destruction are not still on the plate, simply because one Communist was struck from the list of Czars. We must continue to fight. We must have the same bravery of our troops who are out there on our behalf.

And we must make sure the country they come home to is a free one.

Truly free.
Forever Brave.

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