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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mission Impossible

In the dustcloud surrounding the tea party, no one is watching the small stuff.

But then again, the small stuff is actually big stuff – it’s just so big, it is impossible for most people to see the edges – subsequently, like a big stupid bird with its’ head in the ground, it is possible to believe the Earth doesn’t exist. Even if your head is in it – I mean.

And so we come to Tom Cruise. Well, not really Tom Cruise – just one of the characters he played. Remember the super secret guy in Mission Impossible? Yeah, that one. Remember the plotline of the first movie – the NOC (Not Official Cover) list – and how it was so important to ensure the list not fall into the bad guy’s hands, that the U.S. Government had it hidden in only one computer with a climate-controlled, laser, heat, motion, sound vibration and moisture sensored room? A room with with only one vent – sixty feet up - through which it was - of course - possible to stuff Tom Cruise, so he could steal it and carry forward the plotline?

Yeah that part.

Well, people like Tom played in that movie, are real. They just aren’t your average schmucks. And no movie will be made about them – no monuments raised – no mention of their actions beyond their own small community. You and I won’t know them. They will seek no fame and likely no fortune, and despite doing horrific duty in the toilet bowls of the world, our government may seek to prosecute and jail them for smacking some terrorist, or doing other things they either didn’t do – or in my personal view – should have done more of.

But as bad as it is for our elected fools to be attacking the very people who carry out their policies and orders – as bad as it is for stuffed shirts who ask these folks to do the “impossible,” then question the methods used to achieve those goals, it is not the problem I am writing about today.

Because if you take the current prosecution of the SEALs over the alleged smackdown of some scumbag who probably bit his own damned lip – you will discover that this very same scumbag was responsible for stringing up the mutilated corpses of former U.S. Special Forces operators working as contractors after their time in the service was up.

You will note, that those operators who were tortured and hung, were targeted – and you should then ask yourself why. Because reports are being circulated that the New York Times – the same newspaper who’s Communist and Marxist Pulitzer Prize winners I have reported on before – is preparing to go public with a list of Americans providing force protection for our troops in Afghanistan.

The NOC list.

“Wait,” you say, “isn’t that under lock and key in some kind of climate-controlled, laser, heat, motion, sound, vibration and moisture sensored room?” The short answer is “apparently not.” And if it was, someone let the biggest leftist publication in the world have the passcode.

In fact, the truth is that the New York Times has been waging a very private war over the use of “contractors” in our hot zones, sparking some writers to question whether activities of the Central Intelligence Agency are actually behind the Times’ inside information. Whether or not that connection could be proven, is beside the point. The release of such a list will provide terrorist scumbags the world over with the names of not only the operators, but their families – their children and grandchildren!

What would you do to protect your family? Or do you think that somehow your family is excluded because you aren’t on the list?

What you should be asking yourself, then, is: Who is on the list? Is it your neighbor? Your co-worker’s spouse? The husband who’s wife you sit next to in the subway each morning? The brother of your kid’s school teacher? A friend of a friend? Then ask yourself this – what happens when the bad guys come to take revenge? What moment will that be – and where will you be when it happens? Can you even remember the images of people leaping to certain death from the top floors of the World Trade Center? They weren’t even specifically targeted. They just went to work that day, and they – and most everyone around them – died horribly.

So, back to the point of this article. When all is said and done, you can ask yourself this one: Who is worse – the terrorists overseas setting roadside bombs and hanging our people from bridges, or the terrorists here at home in places like the New York Times - with their lists, and the power of life or death by simply pressing the “enter” key and publishing death itself.

It isn’t some crap Tom Cruise movie after all – is it?

POST-SCRIPT: The following is a statement I received yesterday from one of those individuals who did the “Mission Impossible” stuff in the real world, to keep you safe. I have done you civilians the kindness of explaining in parentheses, what the military terms, here, mean…

“An old master chief friend told me when all this shit was brewing. Keep your ear to the ground and stay frosty & hidden. The lefties are in love with the tangos (terrorists) & they’d love nothing more than to hand us over to be crucified. Be ready on a moment’s notice to swim off and save yourself, to fight another day. But be very careful about sky-lining yourself (identifying yourself). They’ll come after your family and your 20 (your exposed flank) will be exposed to the world.

The New York Times has become as much of a threat as any tango out there. America’s warriors young & old have been betrayed again. I will never forget and will definitely NEVER FORGIVE!!!!”


  1. I passed this on via facebook, twitter and email to everyone I know and I posted it on my blog as well

    Here is what I sent to the NYT (,

    To Mr. Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Chairman & Publisher & Mr. Scott H. Heekin-Canedy, President, General Manager;

    It has come to my attention that you plan to disclose a list of American's publicly through your paper, the NYT that would threaten American lives.

    Per this article , it has been reported that a list of people working covertly in Afghanistan will be published in your paper.

    This is a very wrong and harmful thing that you would be doing to every American here and abroad.

    I know you are aware of the growing anger and uprising that is occurring in this nation because of things like this that seem to be pushing an agenda that is far from what the majority of American's stand for, and I hope you do not intend to fan those flames any further. It will not be a good kind of "sensationalism" and could trigger some very bad events beyond anyone's control. I only speak of what some very bad enemies of the United States of American might do with this information and I am not speaking of any acts against you or your paper other than loss of revenue and readership.

    Americans will work tirelessly to put you out of business should you support this kind of publishing. Please find it within your sense of patriotic values NOT to publish something this harmful, and instead fight on the side of gaining our future back to SAVE this great country.

    Thank you for your time,

  2. Are there companies that buy advertisements with the NYT we can boycott or write to as well?


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