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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Freedom is not Free at all

Freedom isn’t free at all. Some of us pay for it with our lives or the lives of our loved ones, and in the end, that can sometimes be the same thing. But still, scores of our young people take the oath and become part of our military services every day.

Some people who have never served or never really known anyone who has, question the motives, sanity or intelligence of those who have put on the uniform. But it is important to remember that the very freedom, which allows those questions to be asked is gladly purchased by those who swell the ranks of our military.

So many people, living so many different lives, all had the same ideals – and even if they were just trying to survive day to day and take care of their brother’s in arms, their deaths still bought what we have today.

Yet we still seem to have the ability to elect leadership which views service as something to glorify themselves. They take the oath of office; not with the humility and fear of a common troop, but with the anticipation and glee of a child with a new toy. Nor do they treat their office with dignity and respect, remembering those who came before, but instead cheapen it by self-serving trips, foolish antics, silly photo-ops and canned press conferences aimed at improving their own stature and position.

But are we really still free? What comes of freedom when civil rights can be ignored? What happens when questions and protests are met with ridicule and threats? How do we consider ourselves a free people when more and more of our country’s market system is absorbed by a swelling government? How far are we really from some dark Orwellian landscape when the government begins to dictate terms to its’ citizens?

National Socialism gave rise to the NAZI party, genocide and horrors untold. Germany has, since World War II, avoided anything resembling such ideas, yet our leaders and our government gladly take up the foundations for this. Warnings by Pravda, the newspaper of Russian fame, and the publishing flagship of the former Soviet Union, highlight our slip toward Marxism. Yet still, our leaders take away our money, our children’s money our grandchildren’s money, and follow up their thievery by legislating away our freedom. Like French and Spanish settlers in the New World trading indigenous people beads for land, they give us platitudes, marketing and lies in return for all that they take. Every day we are poorer, not just in wealth, but in liberty.

This is why the response to revolution in places like Iran, by our government, is so lukewarm. Members of our government don’t understand even the motivations and wishes of their own people – and even if they did, they are too certain of their own brilliance and too invested in their own self-interest and personal advancement to care.

And the people?

For so long, we have been told to obey. For so long we have been told that our dreams are in reach, as long as we follow the rules and as long as we try to do what our betters consider right. This is the road toward slavery.

So we serve and we bleed and we cry and we die – and none of it matters to most of our leaders. But it all matters to us – the people. We all remember, and we all care – and for those in our government who believe we don’t, you should know we are watching.

We will find you. We will remove you from office.

We are coming for you.


-We the People

Monday, June 29, 2009

TO the Congress regarding health care

To: The United States Congress

From: The People

Ref: Health care.


Have you ever wondered why we have some of the greatest doctors in the world right here in the United States? Have you ever wondered how it is that people travel to the U.S. to get care instead of seeking care in their own countries? Have you considered that the U.S. is currently the leader in medical innovation? New drugs and new medical technology come out of U.S. research and development than any other country on the planet.

In fact, if you are struck by illness, felled by an accident, injured in at home, in the workplace, on the road or in a dusty alley in a foreign combat theater, you are far more likely to survive if treated by American doctors.

You in the Congress seem like you should be smart people. Why not start acting like you are? First, consider the old phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It would seem the marketing engines of our new administration are running quite well. Not a day goes by that we don’t see some reference in the media and commercial spots regarding the great overwhelming need for a new healthcare system. Is this urgency about a real need – or is it because the administration is losing momentum and are desperate to get the last major bills passed before the clock strikes midnight and they all turn into pumpkins?

Or is the urgency because the situation is so horribly dire that without the new system we will all die tomorrow – similar to the horrific warnings about the need for massive bailouts which we have had forced upon us despite protests all across the nation?

And what about your own health care as well as that of the elite in our government? Will you be standing in line at the primary care clinic with the rest of us? Will your shoes be sticking to the tile floor in the dank, over-burdened emergency room at the local hospital? Will you be faced with reams of paper documents steeped in impenetrable legalese? Or will you simply be able to opt out of the new government system?

And what will happen to our country’s world-class doctors? It’s good you can opt out of the coming system, because all the good doctors will likely move out of the country, seeking greener pastures – places where they can practice medicine without Big Brother’s interference.

We live in an age of grey areas. You sit in your luxury sedans and are driven to and from your meetings in climate controlled, well-appointed offices and chambers. Your contact with the real public is buffered by legions of aids and functionaries. Your understanding of how people really live and continue to struggle day-to-day is limited by this insulation.

But, if you could only understand fully one thing, I would have you understand this:

Continue to push us and you will know what it is like to live as we do, because you will be out of a job. We will cut you from the ranks of the government as a good U.S. surgeon removes a tumor – or maybe we will just make a third-world butcher’s cut and remove the whole lot of you. After all, that’s what you are about to relegate all of us to – third-world heath care butchery in a declining nation.

But don’t worry, we will never allow it. Do it and we will remove you and everyone around you – and then we will undo it. You remain relevant only as long as we allow you to; and our patience is wearing very thin. If you think you are untouchable, look around you. We are watching.

A revolution is coming. We are coming. We are coming for you all.

-We the People

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Senate idiots running rampant

To: Members of the U.S. Senate

From: The People

Ref: We don’t want your climate bill.


We are tired of your antics.

If there is a smart, honest individual remaining in the U.S. Senate, please explain this to the dishonest ones – and those who through no fault of their own, are simply stupid.

We currently have a President who spends his time flying across the United States to have ice cream and go to New York plays while the unemployment numbers continue to increase and the few industries that were working are shut down through government regulation. It won't be long before we really will have numbers exactly like the Great Depression. In the meantime, the rest of the government continues to print more and more money and pay off their friends and relatives while regular people are thrown from their houses to starve.

Now there are those insisting we have to save the world from a science fiction scenario which no one can prove is even occurring - with methods which none of the big pollution Asian countries are even going to sign onto and participate. But global warming is conjecture. It is not fact. None of it can be proven conclusively, except for the money involved.

A great deal of money stands to be made in the alternative energy market – especially if we are forced to adopt these new laws, pay new taxes and higher gas and electric bills. Cap in Trade will allow the elitists in the government to once again view and treat regular Americans as cash cows. But they should ask themselves first, before they get out their milking pail, what the difference is between a cow and a bull.

For the sake of clarity, let me restate this: We don’t want your ridiculous climate bill. We’re a little busy trying to figure out where our next paycheck is going to come from, where our kids are going to go to school, who will be teaching them and what revisionist history is being shoved down their throats. We’re a little busy trying to figure out what piece of personal property to sell next, so we can make it through the month. We’re trying to make the decision between paying for medication or paying for food. We are trying desperately to hold onto the remains of our retirement fund after crooked businessmen and crooked politics stole everything away. We’re trying not to worry about our parents – or our old neighbors across the street, who now have nothing, thanks to the stellar way our government has handled the financial crisis by bailing out everyone except those hurt the worst. We’re trying hard not to worry about our sons and daughters and husbands and wives and fathers and mothers who are right now still in Iraq, still in harms way while our government considers what military programs to cut next.

We’re just trying to live here. But all of you – our elected representatives – are sitting on your fortunes and your million dollar homes, and for the most part, could care less about the rest of us. Our problems are so foreign to you, they may as well not even exist. It is no wonder no one listens.

Listen now: Stop the ridiculous spending of money we don’t have, for programs we don’t want. Shut down Cap in Trade.

Lastly allowing our government to just sit by while Iran's government kills people by the hundreds and edges toward genocide is ridiculous.

However, you folks in the senate need to take a close look at Iran. Because what the people are doing there, in fighting the government repression – that’s a summer picnic compared to what you will be facing here, if you push the American people too far.

Once these idiot laws and policies begin to really be felt here in the U.S., people will begin to revolt in small ways – then those small revolts will overlap and join and they will become a wave, which cannot be stopped. Revolution is on the horizon. How can it end differently now? Rome will burn and Nero has already broken out the fiddle, unless the smart and the brave still remaining amongst the Senate, can stand up and turn it around.

If you can’t, we will remember your name, we will eliminate you, everyone who works with you and everyone who works for you from public office of any kind with an election tidal wave of unprecedented proportions. And we will not give up or give in until you are gone and someone more capable has been elected.

Many of you will ignore a letter like this – but you ignore it at your own peril. The field of history is littered with the bones of dictators and the ruins of dynasties – do you really believe your structures any stronger? Do you really believe you can stand against the will of the people?

We are many. We are coming for you. We are coming for you all.

We the People

Gang of 8

TO: Representatives Bono Mack , (CA) Castle (DE), Kirk (IL) Lance (NJ) Lobiondo (NJ), McHugh (NY), Reichart (WA), Smith (NJ) Special Mention Representative Jeff Flake (AZ) and other members of Congress.

FROM: The American People

REF: Your actions on September 26th, 2009 to pass the Waxman Energy and Climate Bill and the people’s response.


We the People want to make it clear our displeasure with your actions. Your vote in the House of Representatives to pass this bill is a bitter shock to all regular people across the nation. We expect you to do better than that.

We do not care what pressure you are under. You are paid to do a job – so do it. It is plain to us out here, living in our homes and trying to make it from month to month that many of you are either incapable or unwilling to do the job you are being paid to do. That’s unfortunate because your actions recently have resulted in higher unemployment and greater hardships for the American family.

What you have done in allowing Cap in Trade to go to the Senate, was essentially a vote against the people who you allegedly represent. These are the same people who have seen their retirement funds disappear into other people’s pockets, they are the same people who can clearly see that their grocery bills are increasing, they see the price of gas increasing and their rights and freedoms and privacy being eroded. These are the same people who view with distaste the lies and twisted doublespeak by elected officials and the sneering contempt with which these same officials refer to their people’s protests. But most importantly, these are the people who will hire or fire you.

While you, in your higher, comfortable income bracket may find the death of American industries amusing, we, the people, do not. You may not have trouble paying your household utilities, purchasing food for your family, or putting gas in your car to drive to work, but we do – and we can see that your actions are not going to make this any easier. As you have repeatedly made your intentions clear; that you wish to continue to take from regular people while increase your own wealth, and that you wish to continue to harm our families with ridiculous actions in Congress, we now would like to make ourselves very clear.

You who have done these things to us will very soon feel the hardship and the sting of what you have done this week and the weeks preceding. You will be repaid for all of this. When we put you out on the street we will do it with a pen stroke, a lever pull and a smile. When you’re finally in the real world with the rest of us, you will find no friends here. You will be remembered and you will be despised.

You are selling our freedom and our way of life to a progressive and repressive government. You are helping build a dictatorship in a country founded on freedom. You’re giving away our country’s wealth to other nations and you didn’t even do all of this with a heavy heart or a torn sense of responsibility, you simply did it for your own political advancement.

We are tired of not being represented. We are tired of being ridiculed because we disagree or because we protest. We are tired of being marginalized and we are very tired of watching the gleeful destruction of America.

A revolution is coming in this nation and you are making yourselves the target of it. It may seem unlikely to you. Our wrath may not seem real from your lofty positions. You may feel yourselves to be untouchable, but make no mistake we are coming. We are coming for you all.


We the People.

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