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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gang of 8

TO: Representatives Bono Mack , (CA) Castle (DE), Kirk (IL) Lance (NJ) Lobiondo (NJ), McHugh (NY), Reichart (WA), Smith (NJ) Special Mention Representative Jeff Flake (AZ) and other members of Congress.

FROM: The American People

REF: Your actions on September 26th, 2009 to pass the Waxman Energy and Climate Bill and the people’s response.


We the People want to make it clear our displeasure with your actions. Your vote in the House of Representatives to pass this bill is a bitter shock to all regular people across the nation. We expect you to do better than that.

We do not care what pressure you are under. You are paid to do a job – so do it. It is plain to us out here, living in our homes and trying to make it from month to month that many of you are either incapable or unwilling to do the job you are being paid to do. That’s unfortunate because your actions recently have resulted in higher unemployment and greater hardships for the American family.

What you have done in allowing Cap in Trade to go to the Senate, was essentially a vote against the people who you allegedly represent. These are the same people who have seen their retirement funds disappear into other people’s pockets, they are the same people who can clearly see that their grocery bills are increasing, they see the price of gas increasing and their rights and freedoms and privacy being eroded. These are the same people who view with distaste the lies and twisted doublespeak by elected officials and the sneering contempt with which these same officials refer to their people’s protests. But most importantly, these are the people who will hire or fire you.

While you, in your higher, comfortable income bracket may find the death of American industries amusing, we, the people, do not. You may not have trouble paying your household utilities, purchasing food for your family, or putting gas in your car to drive to work, but we do – and we can see that your actions are not going to make this any easier. As you have repeatedly made your intentions clear; that you wish to continue to take from regular people while increase your own wealth, and that you wish to continue to harm our families with ridiculous actions in Congress, we now would like to make ourselves very clear.

You who have done these things to us will very soon feel the hardship and the sting of what you have done this week and the weeks preceding. You will be repaid for all of this. When we put you out on the street we will do it with a pen stroke, a lever pull and a smile. When you’re finally in the real world with the rest of us, you will find no friends here. You will be remembered and you will be despised.

You are selling our freedom and our way of life to a progressive and repressive government. You are helping build a dictatorship in a country founded on freedom. You’re giving away our country’s wealth to other nations and you didn’t even do all of this with a heavy heart or a torn sense of responsibility, you simply did it for your own political advancement.

We are tired of not being represented. We are tired of being ridiculed because we disagree or because we protest. We are tired of being marginalized and we are very tired of watching the gleeful destruction of America.

A revolution is coming in this nation and you are making yourselves the target of it. It may seem unlikely to you. Our wrath may not seem real from your lofty positions. You may feel yourselves to be untouchable, but make no mistake we are coming. We are coming for you all.


We the People.

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