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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Senate idiots running rampant

To: Members of the U.S. Senate

From: The People

Ref: We don’t want your climate bill.


We are tired of your antics.

If there is a smart, honest individual remaining in the U.S. Senate, please explain this to the dishonest ones – and those who through no fault of their own, are simply stupid.

We currently have a President who spends his time flying across the United States to have ice cream and go to New York plays while the unemployment numbers continue to increase and the few industries that were working are shut down through government regulation. It won't be long before we really will have numbers exactly like the Great Depression. In the meantime, the rest of the government continues to print more and more money and pay off their friends and relatives while regular people are thrown from their houses to starve.

Now there are those insisting we have to save the world from a science fiction scenario which no one can prove is even occurring - with methods which none of the big pollution Asian countries are even going to sign onto and participate. But global warming is conjecture. It is not fact. None of it can be proven conclusively, except for the money involved.

A great deal of money stands to be made in the alternative energy market – especially if we are forced to adopt these new laws, pay new taxes and higher gas and electric bills. Cap in Trade will allow the elitists in the government to once again view and treat regular Americans as cash cows. But they should ask themselves first, before they get out their milking pail, what the difference is between a cow and a bull.

For the sake of clarity, let me restate this: We don’t want your ridiculous climate bill. We’re a little busy trying to figure out where our next paycheck is going to come from, where our kids are going to go to school, who will be teaching them and what revisionist history is being shoved down their throats. We’re a little busy trying to figure out what piece of personal property to sell next, so we can make it through the month. We’re trying to make the decision between paying for medication or paying for food. We are trying desperately to hold onto the remains of our retirement fund after crooked businessmen and crooked politics stole everything away. We’re trying not to worry about our parents – or our old neighbors across the street, who now have nothing, thanks to the stellar way our government has handled the financial crisis by bailing out everyone except those hurt the worst. We’re trying hard not to worry about our sons and daughters and husbands and wives and fathers and mothers who are right now still in Iraq, still in harms way while our government considers what military programs to cut next.

We’re just trying to live here. But all of you – our elected representatives – are sitting on your fortunes and your million dollar homes, and for the most part, could care less about the rest of us. Our problems are so foreign to you, they may as well not even exist. It is no wonder no one listens.

Listen now: Stop the ridiculous spending of money we don’t have, for programs we don’t want. Shut down Cap in Trade.

Lastly allowing our government to just sit by while Iran's government kills people by the hundreds and edges toward genocide is ridiculous.

However, you folks in the senate need to take a close look at Iran. Because what the people are doing there, in fighting the government repression – that’s a summer picnic compared to what you will be facing here, if you push the American people too far.

Once these idiot laws and policies begin to really be felt here in the U.S., people will begin to revolt in small ways – then those small revolts will overlap and join and they will become a wave, which cannot be stopped. Revolution is on the horizon. How can it end differently now? Rome will burn and Nero has already broken out the fiddle, unless the smart and the brave still remaining amongst the Senate, can stand up and turn it around.

If you can’t, we will remember your name, we will eliminate you, everyone who works with you and everyone who works for you from public office of any kind with an election tidal wave of unprecedented proportions. And we will not give up or give in until you are gone and someone more capable has been elected.

Many of you will ignore a letter like this – but you ignore it at your own peril. The field of history is littered with the bones of dictators and the ruins of dynasties – do you really believe your structures any stronger? Do you really believe you can stand against the will of the people?

We are many. We are coming for you. We are coming for you all.

We the People

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