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Monday, June 29, 2009

TO the Congress regarding health care

To: The United States Congress

From: The People

Ref: Health care.


Have you ever wondered why we have some of the greatest doctors in the world right here in the United States? Have you ever wondered how it is that people travel to the U.S. to get care instead of seeking care in their own countries? Have you considered that the U.S. is currently the leader in medical innovation? New drugs and new medical technology come out of U.S. research and development than any other country on the planet.

In fact, if you are struck by illness, felled by an accident, injured in at home, in the workplace, on the road or in a dusty alley in a foreign combat theater, you are far more likely to survive if treated by American doctors.

You in the Congress seem like you should be smart people. Why not start acting like you are? First, consider the old phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It would seem the marketing engines of our new administration are running quite well. Not a day goes by that we don’t see some reference in the media and commercial spots regarding the great overwhelming need for a new healthcare system. Is this urgency about a real need – or is it because the administration is losing momentum and are desperate to get the last major bills passed before the clock strikes midnight and they all turn into pumpkins?

Or is the urgency because the situation is so horribly dire that without the new system we will all die tomorrow – similar to the horrific warnings about the need for massive bailouts which we have had forced upon us despite protests all across the nation?

And what about your own health care as well as that of the elite in our government? Will you be standing in line at the primary care clinic with the rest of us? Will your shoes be sticking to the tile floor in the dank, over-burdened emergency room at the local hospital? Will you be faced with reams of paper documents steeped in impenetrable legalese? Or will you simply be able to opt out of the new government system?

And what will happen to our country’s world-class doctors? It’s good you can opt out of the coming system, because all the good doctors will likely move out of the country, seeking greener pastures – places where they can practice medicine without Big Brother’s interference.

We live in an age of grey areas. You sit in your luxury sedans and are driven to and from your meetings in climate controlled, well-appointed offices and chambers. Your contact with the real public is buffered by legions of aids and functionaries. Your understanding of how people really live and continue to struggle day-to-day is limited by this insulation.

But, if you could only understand fully one thing, I would have you understand this:

Continue to push us and you will know what it is like to live as we do, because you will be out of a job. We will cut you from the ranks of the government as a good U.S. surgeon removes a tumor – or maybe we will just make a third-world butcher’s cut and remove the whole lot of you. After all, that’s what you are about to relegate all of us to – third-world heath care butchery in a declining nation.

But don’t worry, we will never allow it. Do it and we will remove you and everyone around you – and then we will undo it. You remain relevant only as long as we allow you to; and our patience is wearing very thin. If you think you are untouchable, look around you. We are watching.

A revolution is coming. We are coming. We are coming for you all.

-We the People

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