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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remember the Ash

Remember the smoke pouring out of two of the tallest buildings in the world.

Remember the first news reports - the first estimates of how many people could be trapped inside.

Remember the freeze-frame of the massive jet as it crashed into the second tower - eliminating all doubt that this was an intentional action - an act of war on innocent people.

Remember the firefighters and policemen that responded instantly - despite the impending collapse which would kill so many of them.

Remember the ash which covered everyone - no one of any color - no one of any creed. Simply one people - Americans - now soon to be at war with extremists.

Remember how no one targeted the Muslim faith itself. Remember how American flags seemed to spring from every shopfront - every home - every street - even people who had never even been to New York - or even known anyone there.

Remember it.

We were all covered with ash that day - everywhere - even in countries far removed. Americans grieved and vowed to take vengeance. And so did much of the world.

When did we "get over" Pearl Harbor? When did we excuse the Holocaust and those responsible? When did we walk away from Clocktower shooters and Hijacker terrorists? When did we just shake our heads and say, "It's OK - it happened in another time, to other people - it happened, but we've forgotten what the moment felt like. We've forgotten all of it?"

Do you think we washed the last of that ash off? I can still feel it on my skin. I can still feel it, even though I was not there. I can feel the weight of it - heavier - not lighter over the years. Was it Muslims who perpetrated those acts of terror? Or do all Muslims disavow the thing? Why is the new Mosque planned for construction on the site where the towers fell, named after the first Muslim conquest in the West?

Please answer me. I would love to have some kind of reasoning - some line which explained the morality of placing a victory monument on the site where those thousands of people died. Because that is what the thing is - it is a claim of victory.

I find it difficult to believe that Bob Beckle would suggest on national television that New Yorkers should "Get over it." Apparently he forgot to mention the rest of America - many of whom have not, will not and can not ever set it aside.

Like myself.

What I would give to be able to have talked to one of those people before they died that day due to Muslim terrorists. What I would have given to have known even one of them, just for a moment? What would I have said? I would have asked them to tell me their life's story - I would ask them what their favorite things were about this world - I would have asked so that their history be passed on.

And I demand a monument with those stories, written by their relatives in stone - on the very site they plan to build this Mosque - this atrocity of conquest. Because by erecting that building where they are, is naming this "war on terror" something else entirely.

They are sadly - intentionally or unintentionally - creating a "Crusade."

In Human history, civilization has collapsed many times, over much smaller things.


  1. How true and well said. Thank you. This needs to be read by all Americans, heck, all the world.

  2. So very, very true... You're a good man and American.

  3. I'm making a mental note to only read your posts early in the evening - this is the first time I didn't choke up, so either I'm meaner or you're slippin'. But as always, a great post JR.

  4. Well said Brother. I wish every American could feel the tremendous loss to all of us. Americans were attacked on American soil and this free pass for the Islamic regime to show their Victory in murdering 3000 Americans is down right haunting. Obama and his administration have gleefully accepted the build of this Mosque, this in itself is haunting. America has to stand proud and fight these terrorist with every ounce of soul they have. Just as our Soldiers are doing. We cannot forget the lives of our Fallen, America was attacked and our Soldiers answered the call. I'm very saddened for the lives lost on 911 and for their families. My heart and prayers still go out to them.

  5. Well said. Every time someone says, "Get over it," I just want to smack them. The horrifying thing is that so many people are willing to ignore what they see, whistle past their own graves, and tell themselves "everything is all right."
    Everything is not all right. We are drowning, and we don't even realize we are wet.

  6. I must say again. We went to war because of the 9/11 attack, we lost 3000 American lives on American soil. We have also lost approximately 4000 Soldiers in Iraq. We must not ever forget! Would we have been in Iraq if 9/11 didn't happen? Most likely not. Them terrorist killed, murdered our people, they drew First Blood. They deserve nothing in America, nothing! Then they tell us we must "Get Over It" well how about a big FUCK YOU to those people and if you are an American imbecile that thinks we should "Get Over It" Fuck you too. God Bless those people and families and God Bless our Troops and Fallen.


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